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  1. too far away for me......go a bit further to barnsley and its even worse..maybe you live out there...i reckon you can buy a house for a tenner
  2. thanks..its so good not to be thick..what do they do for a village idiot in hoyland when you go on your holidays
  3. no dodo...i can see with my own eyes and listen to their accents they dont come from chapeltown
  4. doesnt seem any problem with the wharncliffe,crown and cushion or the acorn...when i lived there used to go past scandals and i didnt know anybody at all
  5. its about time they closed scandals down...its a no go area thursday friday and saturday nights...full of yobbo's from jump and hoyland
  6. i have a computer at work and all the internet pages come up quick...this gets slower and slower though i defrag it and i get rid of unwanted programmes...i keep getting offers from wanadoo to go to broadband but im a bit like the devil you know than the devil you dont...i keep hearing stories that its easier for hackers to get at your files on broadband...
  7. i.m not that knowledgable about it all... i have a modem and its dial up..had this computer about 8 years and never done any modifications...just plodded along with it.trouble is its so slow...so slow in fact i get so sick of waiting for it
  8. And is it worth getting?? whats the disadvantages?
  9. ...and i suspect its not necessary...i supect its all done to find somebody a job
  10. Anybody noticed that summers coming and the roadworks are starting again with all the associated traffic jams etc..............just been down hillsborough and they are all over....about five years back i lived at chapeltown and they used to come and dig the road up through to grenoside about once every 5 months..with one mile traffic queues both ways resulting..one time they dug it up then came back a week later and dug it up in the same spot..... i wrote to my mp and as far as i know its never been dug up since..after writing to my mp i got a letter from olive grove stating it wasnt the council doing it..so..is it all necessary...or it like i suspect????
  11. if its raining you get sludged up...if its dry the dust gets kicked up and you come back with a sore throat
  12. ..really?? well...it just goes to show you....even ladies of the night like sheffields industrial heritage
  13. ...yes but every smoker thinks it wont happen to them...and it will..all i want to do is to let them know that it will....and young teenagers just dont think...i didnt at that age..and we all take good health for granted and never think one day it wont be there
  14. yes its been like that for at least five years...some drivers from where you live still go down duke street but the police lay in wait at the bottom ...i have seen loads of people being pulled up and no doubt getting a fine....and those people are probably only on the way to work....i accept the law is the law and has to be obeyed but i just cant see the sense in some laws
  15. ...i think you could at one time ..in fact im sure..but its one of the new measures...its like these bus gates all over the place and one way systems...dont think it helps anybody...anybody living at intake now has to go along bernard street and down by the durham ox to park square
  16. cos you cant go down there now from city road...its one way with a heavy police presence...i dont think it benefits anybody but on the plus side it is finding somebody a job devising toss road systems
  17. what about kelham island?? thats remote...well nobody ever goes there do they?
  18. ...wellllll i apologise to you personally but i think if you go in some areas its quite true
  19. dont ring the police ...they are pulled out with work stopping motorists driving down duke street onto park square roundabout
  20. no you can't blame the parents...dads in the pub..mums out on the game...how can you expect them to look after the kids?
  21. only time i read the guardian was when i was in the dentists waiting room...and i only read that because they didnt have the beano
  22. .......nooooooooo...theres only one way to deal with anti social people ...and it isnt asbo's or fines... the way to deal with them is a good kicking.....trouble is...theres too many lawyers waiting to claim the billions in legal aid protecting the scumbags....and its not all kids either
  23. whoa whoa....all this arguing and infighting on the sheffield forum about these kids...so...lets look at the problem objectively and with reason...lets analyse the problem and devise the solution...these kids in a gang swearing and abusing adults ?? what do we do to stop them??mmmm ..yes!!! ive got it...we beat the crap out of them with a big stick..preferably a big stick with a nail in the end...what about the lawyers who fight for the rights of low life you ask??? simple..hang them by the testicles.....problem over....
  24. does anybody on here remember trevor stephens who used to live on hunsley street
  25. dont know about paranormal activity on fairleigh but i know theres a lot of burglar activity...and you can also see many people walking about that dont look human...even worse on lower manor round danebrook and viking lea...
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