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  1. whats rotherham like you ask...ah ..i can help you here..its a cross between death and despondency
  2. the royal family??/oh i dont think we should confuse patriotism with the biggest social security scroungers in england...i reckon her and her buffoon of a husband plus her big eared f.a.cup headed son and his two brat kids should be pensioned off to the isle of wight...and stop the ferry
  3. yep..im definitely biased...and proud of it...god save england...and to hell with the wannabees
  4. but just cos there is a discount for one age group doent make for another to pay more..all that does is get people in the shop..which in turn brings prices down....and ..i know many young people who openly admit they will never workand no shame about it...and the reason is they grew up in an age when it was ok to think that...its always rankled with me after a lifetime working on building sites in all weathers that i'm paying to keep them all
  5. i think its great to see all those flags.....cos i know it hurts the idiots who think it racist to demonstrate our patriotism...and its still the best country in the world
  6. it was a texaco station...most expensive petrol in the world
  7. whoaaaa...i never said i was fifty did i??i might be sixty or even seventy...and....i might have worked from 15 to 65 paying tax to keep all the workshy and illegal immigrants(and i can tell you i have never claimed the dole once in my lifetime)....not to mention a few others...soooo...i reckon ive done my share
  8. well you dont need to be told whats coming up in eastenders anyway cos you already know....crap!!!
  9. well if you went in morrisons and you picked up something buy one get one free would you put one back and ask yourself why it had been offered
  10. ...well yes they were crap but sharon osbourne was always going to use her position to slate her even if she had sung like julie andrews....i dont particularly like them but if anything both of them should be commended for going on in the first place and risking public ridicule all to help a childrens charity,,,besides whats sharons claim to fame..apart from being married to a druggie who has problems with words of more than two syllables
  11. you have my sympathy...i left my last house because if a problem neighbour...he used to burn electrical wire in a metal dustbin to get the sheething off to take it to the scrapyard...the smell would last for days...when i went round and told him about it he genuinely didnt know why i was angry...he didnt work and was up all hours...i never went on holiday cos i suspected either him or one of his mates would break in
  12. well i dont actually ask them to leave their rubbish through my door do i??once you leave the footpath and step onto my drive thats my area...i'm very territorial, i pay the mortgage and full council tax and i dont want anybody coming on here trying to sell me stuff...if i want to buy something i go to the shops for it...and iv'e lost count of the times i just got in the shower and somebody knocks on the door...either that or its the phone...i go downstairs dripping wet to answer the phone and some arse as you put it on the other end of the phone wants to know if i want double glazing or whether i watched bbc1 or itv last sunday....so...i dont actually feel polite...and...while i am moaning i'd like to say that when i told this girl to stop delivering free newspapers to my door with news inside thats a week old she told me if i didnt want them then i had to apply to her head office...yes. thats right ..i have to apply to have junk not delivered:rant:
  13. i'm sick of them putting that catalogue through my door...then coming back for it and cos i dont answer the door and pretend not to be in(cos i have just seen them coming up the drive) they leave another note saying they are coming back the next night..not much point cos the catalogues gone straight in the bin with the rest of the junk...i once bought this whistking key ring off em...if i lost my keys all i had to do was whistle and it would whistle back..well that was the theory..it never whistled backwhen i whistled ...but that night when i went to bed it never stopped whistling downstairs like a f***ing budgerigar...then we had these fridge rollers of them for 12 quid...move your fridge with ease it said on the pack..well apart from breaking my back lifting the fridge on them one didnt move and it toppled the fridge over..frightened our cat to death it did..we didnt see it after that for three days!!
  14. ...yes...those three women are driving with their hands up ...adjusting their hair ..anywhere except on the steering wheel...and wots more at one bit they have a toy kangaroo driving....and to cap it all they get cheaper car insurance just cos they're women no matter how dangerous they are on the road....disgusting!!!!...the one with the black hairs a cutie though
  15. you live out there dont you???? i knew it!!!...disgusting!!!
  16. mmm..well i dont know...not my favourite places....depressing..
  17. im surprised you could spell lobotomy...do you know what it means
  18. maybe the helicpter was looking for you...loony on the loose
  19. why dont you go do something a little more in keeping with your intelligence and go watch big brother...better still apply to go on it!!!
  20. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..are you upset??never mind...go down to mothercare and buy a big rattle:loopy:
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