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  1. ...no i said i think they were probably guilty...i didnt say they ARE guilty..theres a difference...theres a difference
  2. talking of lowedges...does anybody on here remember martins shop at the top of lowedges drive opposite the oxo block...whenever you went in he wouldnt let you go..he used to tell you his life story but he was a nice old bloke
  3. ...i think he said that there are some instances where there are no warnings about the approaching speed cameras.....there are some roads where theres a camera but no sign telling you the speed limit....so i just drive at 30...then i get some impatient ******* behind who knows the road and its 40
  4. ....youre doing it again...since when did i say he was guilty???look back all the way on this thread...i never said he was guilty at all...and just cos those lawyers are involved in the case doesnt mean they know what happened ...they werent there...youre making assumptions and as far as your second paragraph goes.. yes i forgive you for being wrong
  5. certainly...but time will tellif they are guilty or not....but again at the risk of repeating myself...i dont know if they are guilty..BUT NEITHER DOES SHE !!!...but she is being paid megabucks to make statements she cannot possibly justify
  6. well...bad as the coppers are..and there are some bad ones...we would be in a hell of a state without them...and its still the best police force in the world
  7. i dont think just cos she has spoken to them puts her in any position closer to the truth..they might be a pair of liars ..i dont know,maybe they are innocent...but she doent know either...but she makes factual statements saying theyre innocent...and that was the whole point of this thread...it wasnt about innocence or guilt ..it was about her earning her unearned income...and furthermore ..i suggest you challenge the view and not the person
  8. i think maybe i am a little bit like that..i dont mean to be..im not smug but i do preach a bit and i do tend to try to stop every smoker i know but for all the right reasons...because i dont want to see anybody suffer
  9. ...please dont place temptation in front of you...i can promise you the longer you stop the easier it becomes...i never think about them now...the real secret of stopping smoking is to stop thinking about them...i went for about three months automatically reaching in my pockets for a fag then realising i couldnt have one...but as time goes on its easier and that feeling goes
  10. no and the lawyer wasnt there either ..so wheres her evidence for the assertions
  11. if they are really serious about making the roads safe then they would do something about the tailgating loonies using mobile phones on motorways...but that doesnt bring sixty pound a time fines in does it?
  12. well thats how it should be yes...but it seems the judiciary dont consider killing or maiming somebody with a car that much of a crime...they certainly dont stop in jail long
  13. Here we go again with the old chestnut.....if all else fails use a cliche thats been around for fifty years...i suggest before you make stupid comment you consider its just possible that i might think they are guilty because of all the police involvement but just for your information..i already stated further down this thread that nobody can help what colour they are or what they look like...and furthermore...i dont read the sunday people..what do you read ??...the sunday sport??
  14. yawn...well im off to bed now...gotta go to work...dont have the pleasure of living of the dole cheque....stay on
  15. thank you kind sir ...nice to know my comments give tittilation to the masses
  16. ...no my experiences dont cloud my judgment...just the opposite ..experience forms my judgement....we all become wiser through lifes lessons
  17. ive always said that...if i didnt do my job properly i would get the sack...they get paid whatever
  18. well i personally think they are probably guilty but innocent till proven guilty i say...what my rant is is really about the lawyer..i have personal experience of a defence lawyer making life better for somebody who did terrible things to a member of my family...and i once served on a jury...i was hoodwinked by a smoothie lawyer who gave us that "it would be a travesty of justice if this poor man went to prison bit"and i was beginning to doubt my previous thoughts the accused was guilty..i was convinced by the rest of the jury he was guilty...and after when they read his record of crime out it read like war and peace...and he was laughing...he got about 2 years if i remember...and about 6 months later he was in the paper again for more crimes...
  19. they set unrealistic speed limits then fix a camera there..all to make money...if its about safety why have they got a 40 mile an hour limit on ecclesfield road at the side of a school???
  20. .....well thats not the way they tell it...part of their justification for these camers is that motorists are warned before they reach the camers site.....and....if all these cameras make the road safer then why are people still getting killed...i got 3 points on my licence and a sixty pound fine even though i never killed anybody...so wheres the reasoning???
  21. ..yes you are right ..she was acting within her professional code and ethics..and thats what i'm saying..its sickening(and i question whether there is any moral code in the law profession anyway..i say "profession" metaphorically .i consider it too bent a game to be called a profession really .theres no justice in british courts..theres only law...and anybody with any sense knows that law is in place only to make money for lawyers....
  22. whatever the rights and wrongs of it all one thing is for certain...lawyers are mercenary and money grabbing....they have about as much idea as the rest of us who did it but because the taxpayer is funding their lifestyle it doesnt matter...they dont deal in justice..their interest lies only in how much money they can make...and that makes them as criminal as the guilty...to see that woman on tv making comments and judgments that she couldnt possibly know all for the sake of a fat fee is sickening
  23. look here mister brainless nicolarse-hole!!!!!i never said innocent or guilty..i asked how the woman knew they were innocent..was she there at the time ???and i also asked who paid her fees...neither question had anything to do with your idiotic response....try reading the question and get back on the flags on cars thread and make some daft comments on that you stupid pratt!!!
  24. and furthermore..who pays her vast fees?? is it her client or is it joe muggins again?
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