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  1. Is anybody having trouble with their television reception in north sheffield please? or is it my aerial?
  2. ....who the hell is king athelstan!!!! and the third marquis of salisbury??i didnt even know there was a first and second!!!
  3. try steadfast either at chapltown roundabout or rutland road...theyre the best in sheffield for tyres
  4. hi there...i remember hattersleys below the quarry but not wrights..i remember joyce hocknell and her husband tom who lived a few doors away..she worked in shepherds shop..lovely lady she was..she died young with some sort of dementia i think .and i remember mrs housley at the top of dearne street just behind the rec gates
  5. i think its a toss up between teabag and halibut....i was thinking teabag waas nudging in front but halibut keeps coming up on the rails
  6. if it was a paid job would they get up in the morning to do it?
  7. well here i am ...1 in the morning and ready to do some verbal sparring with halibut and his henchman teabag but no sign of either...i can only assume they have gone to bed early so they can get up early and be on the forum all day:loopy: thats teabag.... ..and thats his mate..heh heh
  8. ...i thought i saw one on brightside lane but it was a fiat punto
  9. i'd prefer him hung like dick turpin and ruth ellis
  10. and...i reckon dear old halibut should get out a bit more instead of spending his life on this forum...there is a world out there you know
  11. ...this one i have now i bought it new five years ago and to be truthful it has never once let me down
  12. remember this case last year ?....last year a asian man and his girlfriend took their pit bull terrier type dog into the childrens play area at norfolk heritage park where they allowed it to savage a little girl who was playing on a slide.....the dog was not on a lead and unmuzzled, it had its jaws around the babys head and there was blood everywhere ..the child has suffered since because of this..while the onlookers were busy helping the child and getting an ambulance these two ran off with the dog thinking they had got away with it...eventually he was caught ...he was told the dog would have to be destroyed but he went to court to appeal to save the dog and won his case...he can keep the dog but it must be kept muzzled, on a lead and kept away from kids play areas...i reckon its only a matter of time before he can't be bothered and this monster will get loose and probably kill somebody...i dont think the owner got off light because he is asian but many people will think thats the reason...and his girlfriend received no punishment whatsoever....the child is still taking counselling ...and i almost forgot to mention it...and he has never once apologised
  13. there was a case a couple of months ago in sharrow where an asian deliberately ran his car into a white lad on his bike...then a gang of asian lads shouted "get the white ******* !!"they kicked him while he was on the ground..it went to court and guess what happened?practically nothing..just a sloppy reprimand...when it was reported in the star not a mention of racial attack...had it been the white on asian or even black on asian it would probably have been on the front page with banner headlines...and some comment in the paper about what a racist society it is...
  14. Two trades unions have asked the public not to buy because peugeot are closing the plant at ryton and moving it to slovakia(and probaly paying the workers £2 an hour)...ive had two peugeots that have been great but i dont want to support this
  15. and include all that audience that stands outside when they get voted off...im sure its the same lot what were on noel edmonds house party
  16. yes...the death penalty should be brought back....and they can start with all those plebs on big brother...including davina and that bloke with the geordie accent...in fact....especially him with the accent!!!!!
  17. i was going to download the new maps which come free with the unit...the maps inside must be about 3 years old because it sends me the wrong way down roads that i know have been one way some time...what stopped me was i was frightened it wouldnt work and i might finish losing what i got....when you go on the tom tom plus site its not that easy to navigate...and there mail helpdesk is a bit too technical for my liking .....well its probably all sat navs what are not working so quick at this time then...must say i am thrilled with it overall...it sends me shortcuts down roads i never knew existed
  18. i havent been in oughtubridge this week but i have been over the jawbone at grenoside and foxhill...i was at mosborough last week and it took some time to find a signal there too...when you first switch on it tells you how many satellites its receiving...if you check it at that point you may find its not getting more than 2...i dont know if that affects
  19. mine seems to take a bit more time to find a signal this last week or so just after i switch it on but then its ok...mines a go 700
  20. only had peugeots and fords...thinking of changing...saw a nice yaris in the lanes at meadowhall saturday with a 3d dashboard..bit expensive though
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