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  1. lost in translation was the most boring ,mundane,banal, yawn inducing and time wasting film ever....even worse than harry potter
  2. well i dont know if anybody remembers this about winnie edge the foster mother from hell in cottage 1....there was one little lad in there called edward stacey who always came home from school and had wet himself every day....the poor kid had gone through a lot of trauma...so winnie edge said "the first time you come home dry i will put the flag out...sure enough when he did she put the union jack out of the window....thats all that kid needed...to be shown up in front of the whole crowd...
  3. i knew a paul moon...but not from when i was in fch....paul lived on tyler street at the junction with tipton street....last time i saw him he was living on lingfoot crescent at jordanthorpe.......he was a good lad.... i wonder if its the same one
  4. I,m surprised and a little disappointed my old employer never got a mention on this thread...Tom Crossland and sons... Plumbers and heating engineers where i served my apprenticeship...He was at number 55 meadow street where blundells now stands behind the petrol station....fond memories..
  5. i remember the unity at the top of wood street...the one on union street where howden house now3 stands which was opposite the gennel to pinstone street...hippodrome on cambridge street....cinema house barkers pool....star on ecclesall road...coliseum on spital hill...
  6. i remember the two essoldos....and i can remember a few but not their names....wincobank which is now grahams plumbing shop...victory on upwell street...don at west bar...phoenix at holme lane...balfour at darnall...
  7. no....thats one area that still looks the same almost....all the way to forge dam....we often go up there for sunday walks.....you can see it all on google earth.......all that grass area in the middle of fch has been made into gardens.......and....you can no longer go through the top gate near the water tower....its now somebodys garden....
  8. yes....nobody suffered on their own in that place....the more i think about it the more comes to mind......bad as it were then i would love to live there now....all executive housing...makes my suburban semi a little plain....they never come on the market for sale...i keep checking..it was frightening living there then but we only ever get one childhood and no matter how wretched it is its still remembered.......i remember when i was in there two songs always on the radio...one was doris day singing que sa ra ra (thats kay ser ra ser ra in english money and one called i love to go a wandering...dont know who sang that.i think i might know who the lewd practice kid was...did it involve a drink and a rusty tin at the bottom of the field where the swings were....???...
  9. Can someone give me a list of all the old picture palaces in sheffield during the fifties please?..When it was cool to be 18 and to be able to get into an x or an a without somebody taking you in
  10. when i lived on limpsfield brian woodhead lived at number 88
  11. ........and jeffrey taylor...who lived at that house with the big entry corner of bamforth street and penistone road.....does your dad remember walter taylor who workedf at daniel doncasters...he was about same age....walter had a bad accident at the works...something fell off the crane track as he was walking past..it hit him on the head and eventually the pain sent him mad...he killed himself about 1948
  12. no i dont remember those names....i went to that school in 1951...maybe your dads younger brothers remember kenneth taylor..graham challenger..trevor friendship...tony proctor
  13. no i dont remember her but no matter how bad she saids it was in there believe me it was even worse:gag:
  14. yes i remember that chip shop..just below the brickworks where those bungalows now stand...it was always crowded because it was full of kids from hinde house...but.. to keep everybody entertained the old girl who owned the place took all the photos out of photoplay magazine and stuck them on the walls round the shop...you could look at rock hudson sandra dee natalie wood and a host of others while you were waiting for your chips.....opposite where threshers is now stood a fruit shop owned by a ..g.e.byegrave...it was run by an old fellow and his son..both dead now but lovely people..the old fellow was always sat outside looking for somebody to talk to....back i 1960 on my way home from school the he often gave me an apple...on the other side of the road heading towards monckton road was mrs fox's sweet shop
  15. thats a fantastic site....i wish i could do that
  16. well david lane chapel is still there..as are all those cottages round the corner ...in fact most of those farms in the mayfield valley ....yes i remember those blackberries on the left side of the hill going up back towards fch..it was worth the long walk to get at them...all gone now though....in those days before the mass ownership of cars they grew profusely with only a few locals and the "homers" to pick them.i can't remember the old boy at the chapel ...i was more interested in all those apples at harvest festival...do you remember at christmas the old "news theatre" later to become the classic cinema in fitzalan square gave us all a treat to a film show..and as we went in they gave us all sweets and an orange...it was like winning the pools.....and the staff were lovely...how nice to be treated like we were loved..and such a change...a management and their workers with genuine compassion for all those kids.... i remember thinking how much i would have loved to be taken home by one of them......i remember climbing up the wall at the top side of fch and seeing those glider enthusiasts in the corn field ...people with plenty of money to buy one of those in times of austerity for the working classes....i was in there from 1951 to 1956 so i must have seen you at some time in there cos everybody knew everybody else...it was a social gathering on those swings on the bottom field...
  17. things i remember about fulwood cottage homes..winnie edge the house mother giving us all a token so it could be spent in the tuck shop at the water tower on friday nights...that was a sop given to all the kids...then bringing the sweets back to her and she scofted the lot...all those rowan trees with the red berries all over the place...there are none now...before we went to school she gave us a spoonful of cod liver oil,we all lined up and she gave it us off the same spoon...all talking to one another how we were all going to "run away" .....how we went to fulwood church on sunday mornings in all weathers..which was a walk of about a mile or more...then she listened to the weather forecast before sending us in the afternoon to the timber church on blackbrook road about 300 yards away....those white and burgundy striped pyjamas...when i was seven years old the old bag sent me or others to town by ourselves to fetch her flowers from coates down dixon lane...the caretakers beehive at lydgate lane school......harvest festival at david lane chapel...all that lovely fruit just waiting to be eaten and we couldnt get any of it....watching the other jkids dancing round the maypole on the grass area in the middle of the cottages......being given the brown shorts before we went "to camp" at marske...
  18. im sorrry..i cant help you with this..my sister might know..i will ask her next time i see her
  19. hello again...i tried sending you an email but it wont deliver to that address you gave me so i will send you a pm with m email address...says it doesnt recognise the "xtra co"...yes..i would like to see those photos at brightside school...i may recognise one or two...surprised you doidnt remember those names so maybe these might ring a bell.........joyce hocknells nephew malcolm..he used to ride a blue honda cc moped..everybody called him "lightning"..susan brack..susan and christine audis...marion adams...susan jones...carl and paul barson...alan and brian bilby..douglas and melvin riley(maybe you remember douglas drunk a bottle of bleach that he thought was lemonade because it was in a lemonade bottle...he was lucky it didnt kill him)....jean kisby ..roger beech...christine murray...billy goodison(he was involed in a fracas with two blokes at wincobank and subsequently died)...ernest reed .........mick jebb....carol marshall...pat johnson...tony winterbottom who sadly died a few years ago...frank ward...frank and john moore....barry gurnhill ...elaine candling...maureen dyson....sandra brookes ...alan and maureen gardner....paul moon....dolores henley...billy griffiths...rita skeemer....yes i remember yvonne hill and linda swain.i always thought they were sisters they looked so much alike..blonde ponytails and always dressed alike..you never saw one without the other... harvey curtis.....stewart and bruce panks...christine and malcolm hardy...........glenise brown.......think you must remember some of these...surely you must remember terry stacey..he was always convinced he could talk to cats...he used to get on his hands and knees and have a conversation with thenm
  20. whenever he =cleegirl]hi i wondered as you remember the terry stacey and johnny vollum and mick nelson do you remember barry hill who sadly passed last year i don t know about john vollum but barries wife is a friend of mine and i know he lived on jenkin road till about 1964 snd his wife says he new most of the names mentioned june yes i knew barry hill...he lived at the junction of stupton and jenkin road ...i heard the council knocked their house down because they were going to extend stupton road to go straight through to tipton street...then changed their mind ... barry was a little older than me and taught me and quite a few others to ride a bike...he had a natural talent for that...we as a group always used to hang about about on street corners or the rec...that wasnt to cause trouble, it was just a social gathering......the thing i will always remember about him is that rather than walk to the rec gates he would always jump over the rec fence with just one hand on the top .To me that always looked so supercool but when i tried it i nearly broke my neck..he always had a reputation as a hard case but he wasnt...when you got to know him he had a heart of gold and was a great lad.. am sorry to hear he died...when we were teenagers he was always a part of our lives
  21. hello peter...i,m sorry to hear about your dad...i remember when we were kids he used to take us all out into derbyshire in the morris minor...you'll be sad to hear maurice lythell died a few months ago too...i loved his dry humour ..so sad..i heard john vollum died also but i dont know for sure...i certainly hope not....i heard michael hempshall was running a newsagents in manchester...dont know if its true...that back garden you always took a pride in is now a school playing field...you can see it on google earth...the original hinde house school is now demolished..lol it didnt last as long as brightside...gordon rastricks foster brother was trevor taylor ...i never knew you were mrs thorntons grandson...was that the same mrs thornton with the yorkshire terrier ...you never mentioned ann and lesley buffey.....jimmy clarke...barry turley...peter brand...ian pashley...warwick binns(that name always made me smile)...lewis gill...mick nelson(he died a short while ago)..mick roberts..bob winslade...peter and ian shevlin..terry stacey ..albert neale....it goes on and on
  22. ............. hi there I remember your grandad and grandma and their son george junior .. a lovely family...i also remember joyce who worked in their shop..it was a pleasure to talk to them all
  23. tried orange this week and couldnt get it to work...went on their "helpline" at 50 pence a minute and talked to somebody who had about as much idea as i did...cost about £12 pounds for the call and i am now back on dial up:huh:
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