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  1. i remember lythells...they lived at 55....their son maurice was a mate of mine
  2. i remember them...they lived round about 64 didnt they....didnt one of the parfrements drive his own lorry? i used to be a plumber...i once fixed a burst pipe for him
  3. i remember the cottage....just above george waits newspaper shop...mrs hattersley
  4. actually ....i think alice lived on yarmouth street too but always seem to remember you both round bright street ....can,t remember alices brothers name...he was about 4 years older than her
  5. i remember how we all stayed up late at night in those wooden huts and had supper....luxuries we never had at fch.....and i remember how sad i was to come home when we got on the coaches ...wondering if we might ever come back.....i looked on google earth and i can,t find those ymca huts.....theres a housing estate there now.....but the path to the beach is still there
  6. well i never ...ann martin....i remember you...prettiest girl in carbrook...you used to be big friends with alice smith on bright street around 1963
  7. ken was 61 when he died....he had been diagnosed some time but apparently..declined the offer to have help...i can understand that because the treatment is awful but it would probably have saved him....i went through it at weston park and they saved my life ..i had at one stage been given 18 months left....not only that i am now back at work and am as fit as ever .. if i ever win the lottery it will never be as good as the moment weston park told me i was going to live....he left all his organs to other people so he still lives on in them i suppose.....tried to get my sister to stop smoking but its like talking to a brick wall....yes as i remember he did go to pomona street..do you remember edward and sidney archer in cottage 1
  8. ......well it was cigarettes that killed kenneth,he died of lung cancer i,m afraid....i remember one relief woman called hurst...she was no disciplinarian like winnie edge and let the kids run riot...everybody loved her....there were two brians in cottage 1...one called brian stacey,the other i can,t remember his second name other than i think his surname began with h ...are you either one
  9. i knew a few people round page hall...............philip hides ...michael manterfield....malcolm riley.....used to know a girl called jill who went to high storrs school...think she lived on bolsover road somewhere
  10. hello brian..... yes you are right.. gordon gower and kenneth taylor were in cottage 1 with winnie edge...but....memory fades kenneth taylor had black hair not blonde ,he was my brother...i was in 1 with them both
  11. I went up there to fch a few weeks back with my video camera to do some filming around cottage 1. while i,m doing that this bloke whose one of the new owners came out and asked me why...when i told him i used to live there he said he was worried i might be a burglar and casing the joint...he said they had a massive burglar problem...i had to smile....people trying to break in there....seems a million miles away from we were trying to break out
  12. cath .i,m sorry but i can,t help you there cos my brother died about 6 years ago
  13. he was friends with my brother more than me because they were about the same age...he went through hell in there as we all did with a housemother called winnie edge in cottage 1......i only remember about six people in fch but he was one of them...he always seemed real tall to me but maybe thats cos i was so small and about 6 years younger...i saw it in the star when he died...i thought there can,t be another person with that name because it was so unusual
  14. i remember a gordon gower when i was in there about 1952 in cottage 1...i think he died a few years back...he would have been about 68 now
  15. I,m looking for an easy job...i,m a silly old ******* who likes to dress up like father christmas...i want to sit down in my ridiculous regalia and shout "order order" in a stupid accent...and for this i want thousands of pounds a week...i know its a tall order but is there a job like this going ?
  16. reading these posts brings a tear to my eye and a gulp to my throat ....but it makes me feel proud to know that human nature is what it is
  17. i heard a story the new sheffield christmas illuminations will be all those traffic lights on the new relief road....
  18. how about "caveat emptor abundante ov scumbaggos en councillo estatez ad hoc ad infinitum ad nausem pro bono publico"....which is of course ancient latin and roughly translated means ...."may the prospective tenant be aware there plenty of anti-social types on gleadless valley and lower manor there for the purpose of making life sickening, unbearable and without end for all the good people who live there"
  19. If there is a problem parking then they may have double yellow lines on the road....trouble is ...will the police turn a blind eye like they do near owler lane traffic lights on firvale where vans and cars are parked all over the sides of the roads and on the pavements every time i go past ..............as i go past very very slowly in the traffic jam i might add !!!!
  20. yes i remember...it was an old bloke who ran it
  21. i worked at guylees on the old engine sheds when they converted it into the number 5 shop ....i was a sub contract plumber working for ackroyd an abbotts.....we did all the covered way walk from troutbeck road to number 5 shop...we put all the glass in and the gutters...i remember your boss was called derbyshire
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