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  1. i dont use buses now but back in the dark days before non-smoking upstairs on them i remember being upstairs with the smokers and snifflers when there was no room downstairs...remember one occasion with this bloke sneezing and coughing at the side of me ...i kept looking at him ...and...this green snot-icicle was hanging out of his nose ..it got longer and longer...when it got to about 2 inch in length he sniffed up hard and it went zoommmm !! right back up his disgusting nostril...then he wipes the back of his hand and sleeve across his nose
  2. some people are worse than just smelly ....live like pigs...houses full of bedbugs....fleas..tics...scabies......
  3. it could be a mini-megathread...it certainly wasnt a mini-stink on that bus by all accounts:gag:
  4. well we've seen how you lot in other countries drive...all on the wrong side of the road !!!!!! then as i drove up to you to teach you the error of your waysl i got was hooting and german bad language....well i thgink it was bad ...not sure ..nein sprachen deutsche:hihi:
  5. i got caught at half past one in the morning doing 37 mph by the speed camera at the nottom of norfolk hill at grenoside,there was nobody around...if i had been doing 3 miles an hour more otside ecclesfield school when the kids were coming out at 4 o clock i would have been ok cos its a 40 mile an hour road...speed cameras are there to make money...no other reason...if they save lives why are people still getting killed...if the government were serious about saving lives they would do something about tailgating lorry drivers on motorways..of course theres no money in that is there...they,ll get that money out of you one way or another if you stick to the limit then they'll reduce it to 20
  6. theres nothing wrong with your compassion but even if you were to save this family what about all the millioms already in zimbabwe ???their plight is maybe worse and you can't save them
  7. no of course i don't ...all i.m saying is when does it all end,,,my daughters friend is an african asylum seeker.. she and her family are as good as anybody
  8. Seems people always use the old chestnut about britain colonising the world 200 years ago so we now owe todays generation in those countries a debt....Well apart from the fact that no living briton today benefitted from it the working class of those times lived just a wretched life as anybody in living those lands....the descendants of people who made money from the exploitation of foreign lands proably don't live on council estates today............i think todays romans,danes jutes,saxons,normans etc should come round to my house and give me a few quid for what their greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandparents did to my mine
  9. don't know what the problem is....she can appeal and still be here for years ...and we pay for legal aid for asylum seekers not to mention mobile phones to contact their lawyers through taxes ... and lawyers make a fortune....what about the millions in zimbabwe now ???? i reckon we should take them all in....and somalia and libya and el salvador and tibet and china etc....wow we are gonna need more lawyers and more mobile phones and more translators and more social housing and more hospitals . its ok though...the unemployed won't be paying for it.they have enough on paying for booze fags bingo and sky tv
  10. sorry...thats two things....my maths is getting worse:loopy:
  11. think that might be the big arch what used to be on bamforth street.....the land used to be a brewery was demolished about 1920 i think and we kids used to play onwhat was left ...you could get in at te bottom from bamforth street and the top at high house road ....you me and flyer had one thing in common...we all lived off penistone road near daniel doncasters and we were all in fch
  12. oohhhh that words a bit harsh !!!!! might upset a few of the pc brigade who frequent this site....you should call them "the disadvantaged" or "the misunderstood".....and remember this...its these very people who perform a great service for you...without them there would be no pretty graffiti all over chapeltown making it so attractive :thumbsup
  13. Maureen Ball ??? she had brothers called albert and alan .albert raised a lot of money for charities...i heard when maureen was a little girl she was badly hurt by by a lorry on a zebra crossing and the driver never stopped
  14. i think you'll find this became the sheffield works department depot on greenhill main road.....i think the old hall and farm was part of this and the site adjacent where the flats are.when kiers took over and transferred their operation to manor lane the site was used to build new houses which are now called "old hall mews"....we were thinking of buying one but they are so tiny and the price is through the roof....even now there are many unsold if you want one.....
  15. don't think i know the name...did you live round round firvale
  16. i know what its like to live with a mothers violent boyfriend ,i went through it as a kid......but he wasnt so brave when at 18 i caught him beating my little sister up and i gave him it all back..he never touched her again... how many times have mothers boyfriends killed babies and small children....and while ever there are scumbag lawyers making millions on legal aid it will never change...the only justice that ******* will get is off the lags in jail....even they have a level not to stoop to
  17. one thing i always remember about old housemother winnie edge in cottage 1.....her idea of punishment for the kids..retribution for daring to speak in the house without being spoken to by her...she used to stand you up in a corner facing the wall.......and you would stand there for hours till she went to bed about 2 o clock in the morning...if you fell down she would stand you up,give you a pasting and start again....and you were up at 7 for school
  18. .....hello brett.....yes i remember your mum and dad... i also remember your grandad albert and grandma joan ................................uncle chris auntie mary ...i remember you had an auntie who lived on the flower estate... at daffodil road i think just opposite the top of newman road...and.... i remember you and kelly when you were toddlers learning to walk....i remember when you lived on jenkin road just above the church at st margarets about 198 or 196....i remember your mum and dad grandma and grandad moving in at those two houses on oxted road
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