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  1. you dont have to be old to smell...i was waiting for a prescription in boots at meadowhall last week and this bloke came and sat at the side of me and the pong was knocking me out...in fact for a minute i thought somebody had died and they were cremating him round the back..and he didnt look scruffy..his clothes were clean..in fact i kept looking round suspecting it might be somebody else when he got up and walked off a few paces the smell went with him..when he came back it was worse than ever ..he must have never been in the bath for weeks ...the loppy scumbag!!!
  2. ...hello there flyer..i would imagine with a name like bull and a job as housemother at fch then that lady would be no mary poppins,,yes it seems that people suffered there long before i did...somewhere at the back of my mind i do remember that name but i cant put a face to it...as you went to burton street and greystones it seems i was following in your footsteps..ive never been to cananda though...but...i can speak a little french ...bonsoir mon ami !!!
  3. hi sputnik boy...im new on here so i still have to fathom out how to get the personal messages bit operating...i dont know your age but i,m 59...my brother and sister were in the homes longer than me ..i was fostered out about 1955 to a family in brightside..i didnt see either of those two again till i was about 17...by that time we were distant and to some degree we always were afterwards..you may probably remember my brother more than me...his name was kenneth taylor....my sister was carole taylor...she lived in the cottages opposite the playing fields at the bottom near the clinic...other people i remember were edward archer (winnie edge hated this poor lad more than anybody and she beat him mercilessly..i will never know why)..sidney archer9his brother)...leslie bolton(a nice lad who delighted in telling everybody he met he came from rothay road)..gordon gower(he died a few months ago.. i saw it in the paper)...another thing i always remember...when we were playing on the swings and we looked across the valley we could see a big building which for some reason we all thought was fulwood annexe..its actually high storrs school...i often go up there and reminisce ..mixed feelings ...some of the worst times of my life and a lot of worry at an age when i should never have known the meaning of it..but in a strange way fondly remembered
  4. i was in fch from about 1951 to about 1955 but i kept coming home to anlaby street intermittently...i also went to greystones also ...511 penistone road?? wasnt that near the tripe shop??round the corner from brough street??
  5. yes it was marske...it belonged to the ymca..it was good of them to let 300 loony kids stay there..i can remember walking out onto the field from the wood sheds and down a steep cliff path to the right..the views were breathtaking looking out to sea..when you reached the bottom turned right it led to redcar ...everybody looked forward to going there...i often say i am going to go back up there to see the place again but i would think its built on by now...some good memories i always remember about fulwood...the snow was so deep every winter...going up blackbrook road as it started to rise the snow drifted and was as high as i was tall..took us ages to get to the top but we all enjoyed doing it .........and ............going to school on the two buses every morning when the drivers kept overtaking each other on redmires road , all the kids went berserk as they passed one another...it made everybodys day ...i also remember picking the blackberries every sunday morning that grew at the roadside when we all went to the chapel on david lane
  6. i have a tomtom 700...and with it you can download the newer maps but......not with windows 98 which is what i have ...last week it tried sending me down a one way street near howard street in rotherham...i think its great apart from that....but i dont want to risk a fine ...i already have 3 sp points on my licence
  7. ...with up to date maps that don't send you down one way streets or try to direct you down duke street to the magic roundabout at the bottom where the cops sit in wait
  8. i remember how they just had you swopping schools at the drop of a hat...one day lydgate lane .the next..broomhill..then greystones...crookes and so on...it was impossible to feel secure when you were around strangers all the time...plus being dressed up in those oliver twist type boots and horizontal striped woolly ties must have made us look stupid... and although we all think it didnt damage us the truth is that it did...i always thought i was never as good as anyone else ..i didnt get any confidence in myself till i started work on the building sites and went to night school ..i formed relationships with people who i would know for years and still do...do you remember going to redcar ymca and tuffnells coming to take all our stuff...and we all thought it was great cos we had a supper
  9. doesnt anybody remember a girl called donny greaves who lived at the pub opposite the victory picture palace on upwell street
  10. banks builders on attercliffe common used to stand on the other side of the road from about where mcdonalds is now ..i was always told that he was a relative of gordon banks
  11. we were in a kids home in the early 50s at a place called "the grove" which was on either broomgrove or southgrove road...it was heaven..but then they took us off to fulwood to a fate worse than watching eastenders all night
  12. i dont remember the housleys no...i remember a lad called trevor friendship..another called graham challenger and a family by the name of siddalls...maureen i think they called the daughter...i didnt live there long but my brother did..kenneth taylor..his real name was walter but he didnt like that name so he called himself kenneth
  13. its now got its own website..the burton street project i think they call it...with old photos of places long gone...all designed to bring a tear to the eye and a gulp to the throat..gulp!!...in fact i can see out house on one of them through all the smoke from the gasworks and andrews toledoers...ahh those were the days..i didnt count sheep at night...i counted the hammer machine knocks at daniel doncasters
  14. you need a lot of money to pick up any of their "bargains"..
  15. about half way down on the left hand side opposite the shop...number 39
  16. burton street school is reached by going up bamforth street..turn right at the chapel...which is now a woodwork shop called donald foxes i think...then turn left..its the school where the full monty was filmed
  17. the instructors name at sutherland road baths was scott
  18. i remember ridgeway and napier...especially ridgeway who loved to embarrass you in front of the class before giving you the slipper just because you made a hash of chopping the wood up wrong in the woodwork lesson...i wouldnt mind but it was ony firewood after i had done with it anyhow..
  19. burton street was the school just past the chapel up bamforth street...you probably went to that one on clubmill road...the hightlight of my week was when my brother pushed me in the barrow to the gasworks to fetch the coke....i can always remember that hissing sound when you went in and how the sulphur would sting your eyes...it was great going in the barrow ..not so great coming back falling off the top of the coke..
  20. yes thats right...i was in there twice over a four year period from being six years old...i was in cottage 1 with a witch for a house mother..chain smoking winnie edge ...she was the image of the wicked witch of the west in the wizard of oz..she used to gratuitously love hurting the kids..whenever she approached her hare lip used to tremble and it was frightening...next door at cottage 2 was a woman called thornton..she was ok...at the time i couldnt understand why winnie was so vile but now i can...no man could have ever looked at her so she took it out on the little boys she was supposed to be caring for...and the superintendant ( a bloke called brooks) knew what was going on but he chose not to say anything
  21. i remember those second hand shops at grimesthorpe..i once bought this state of the art fishing reel from there ....first time i used it at damflask and caught this fish all it did when i turned it was go click click click and wouldnt reel it in...
  22. surely somebody on here lived round there before they demolished the houses
  23. John Vollum...I remember him..he was always screwing his eyes up as he talked to you...he lived about half way up on the left hand side.he bought a house up on jenkin close
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