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  1. the fraser estate is one of the better areas compared to most council estates
  2. i had cancer about 5 years ago and i still get flashbacks to how close i came but if you think negatively about it then it just takes over your life...i was given 18 months to live which would be debilitating as time went on ...but i was fortunate to live in a country with a wonderful health service and thanks to the skill of sheffield hospitals i feel almost as good as ever...when i say almost i mean psychologically almost because i never thought it would happen to me and healthwise i had always felt invincible...never had a day off work...and now i feel a little vulnerable...but i'm lucky..i am even back working full time ...it really hurts me when i see people smoking..especially young kids....i feel like tearing the cigs off them ...they just dont have a clue what its doing ...and all the time benson and hedges and all the other ciggie firms are making a fortune...no i dont come from hull....i used to live on the abc streets now demolished where easterbrook allcards (presto tools)now stands on penistone road...anlaby cottam,brough and driffield streets were named after places in hull...probably because whoever built them came from there
  3. you only find the answer to the meaning of life or indeed whats important in life till you have experienced serious trauma...either life threatening to you or a loved one...then come through it and realise just what a beautiful world this is that we all take for granted
  4. i remember that shop at the top of hayland street where that woman used to let her cat sleep in the window....it was always laid out over all the sweets and buns that somebody was going to buy
  5. [try this try this to find what happens after life
  6. as a boxer he was fantastic but i dont ever remember him publicly showing any gratitude to brendan ingle for what he did for him...and as far as brendan is concerned why wasnt he given a knighthood???john major got one and all he did was give us 15per cent interest rates which made many people lose their homes (and at the same time nonchalantly state.."well if it isnt hurting it isnt working)not to mention cause i dont know how many companies to go bust...yes..his puppet on spitting image was just about right...maybe he got the knighthood because of his rumpy pumpy with edwina...lets face it you would want a knighthood for that..either a knighthood or a medal as big as a frying pan
  7. theres no justice in british courts...theres only law....and while ever there are the law lords making the law to suit themselves and the rest of theirso called "profession" it isnt going to change..its going to get worse....whats the point of voting a government in when its the lawyers running the country to suit themselves...
  8. dont be silly...where would you get a suit of armour from these days...icertainly not argos..ive just checked the catalogue
  9. i have no objection to you hitting them oveer the head with a cricket bat but please dont dump them down rivelin...dump them on the manor
  10. well i dont live on the manor.....no doubt theres many people on there who are decent..unfortunately theres a lot more that arent
  11. drove through the manor earlier on ..what a dump !!!!...brand new houses yet litter all over the place.... cars on the gardens...are these the deprived people i hear so much about??plenty of money for beer and cigarettes i see
  12. roy black.maurice cox.maureen callery.david wood.anita barraclough.denise jamieson..margaret willis..
  13. ....well said !!!...royal mail give a fantastic service...a letter anywhere in the country for 32p....if people addressed their letters properly they would probably get there faster....wait till these private companies get a foothold and we will all see what a great organisation royal mail is
  14. isnt that a little difficult for a woman to do...this is another example why men are far superior to women
  15. I was in the traffic queue waiting to get on to the park square roundabout this morning and the bloke in the next lane was shaving himself with an electric razor... totally non-plussed
  16. dont ever do that...life is the greatest gift we have ever been given...its a million times better than winning the lottery
  17. years ago i was a plumber...and i worked in some houses that wreaked...all age groups too...i went in one pig sty so scruffy that no man should have ever set foot in it and while i had the sink top out the woman came into the kitchen and said indignantly "oh!! you are making me a mess!!"..to which i replied ..no love i'm not making a mess .................................. l'm just re-arranging it"
  18. maybe...but i would choose not to...and i do know of instances where its gone wrong
  19. no but you can give me a quote for digging my garden over if you like
  20. well you never know how you will be in the future..i have near perfect eyesight now but 20 years from now who knows...and....if it came to the crunch i think maybe i would prefer the discomfort of wearing those than any medical treatment...i cant stand hospitals.i hardly ever go to the doctors..i cant stand the thought of having an operation...i feel sorry for those that have to
  21. i just dont fancy laying down and having one of those high powered lasers in my eyes...if theres a mistake the most precious of your senses has gone...and...i dont wear glasses
  22. Just seen this advert on tv..£395 per eye..who can afford that??? I could get one eye done and leave the other...but at the risk of the clinic thinking i was a tight get
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