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  1. or a family called goddards who lived on brough street...sadly their daughter ann was killed by a bus as she crossed the zebra crossing outside daniel doncasters
  2. or geoffrey taylor who lived at the big entry passage on penistone road where the lexus showroom now stands
  3. anybody on here remember a girl on rawson street called marilyn hicks
  4. just reviving this thread ...hopefully for some input from new people on this site
  5. didnt a woman run a shop upstairs at a house in hobson avenue...i remember being sent to buy sugar which she gave me in a dark blue paper bag
  6. theres more information on the grove in the fulwood cottage homes threads...a lot of kids were in one of these two places...difference was the staff at the grove were sensitive to kids who had nobody to look afterv them through no fault of their own...totally different to the ethics at fulwood....im amazed the council got away with such cruerlty
  7. its amazing...they have the gall to put the price up then dont they comment that ordinary workers shouldnt be asking for a cost of living pay rise ...people buy these rags then totally believe everything in them is true...
  8. i was in the grove...it was a big house set in landscaped gardenson either southgrove or broomgrove road...cant remember which
  9. yes i agree...anybody stupid enough to put hanging baskets outside or grows flowers in their garden is just asking to have them nicked...i reckon we should just empty the wheelie bin over the grass for decoration instead so theres nothing anybody wants to steal;.....and instead of planting beautiful privet hedges that somebody might want to dig up we should just use old doors from the skips at the tip like they do on the manor estate and other such leafy suburbs.......i just thank god that this forum is frequented by people of high intelligence like yourself with total command of the commonsense which is lacking in so many....your words of wisdom are not just a breath of fresh air but a force 10 gale of it.......in fact ...i think you should be given a nobel prize....well done....p.s. i was going to put a smiley on here but i can't find a god one
  10. mmmm "when we get to the personal abuse stage it means the other person is right" i quote your words....then you cannot be right ... you said it was brilliant to see somebody pelted with eggs !! you dont consider that to be personal abuse then ??....and "my personal derision is comical" another one of your statements ..well your personal derision isnt comical.its banal and childish...besides i wasnt giving you any personal abuse...if was giving you personal abuse i would have told you to get down to the docs to get your lobotomy reversed ....mmm and you are off to watch a doctor who video? well good for you but don't have any nightnares and remember those daleks arent terrifying beings .they are just painted up cardboard boxes with lights on and a bloke inside waving two sticks
  11. lol ....so you vote for politics not politicians eh .....its an odd statement to make ...how do you separate the two.....when you vote do you write on the form that no politican must benefit from your stupid scrawlings? ...maybe you dont vote for gordon then maybe its bandwagon cameron with his determination to bring back hunting with dogs...wow thats a real votewinner.....oh and by the way...i stopped watching doctor who when i grew up...unlike you with your ridiculous above statement i fully understand its a work of fiction meant for kids
  12. wellllll thats very democratic...just because somebody has a different political point of view from you its ok to sling eggs at them and revel in it ....maybe you thought those thugs were very brave... i think those short sentences speak volumes for your character ....if you look as ugly as you write then i think you ought to stay indoors in case you frighten all the local kids
  13. well for one when you say US whiteys ..i,m afraid i wasnt around when the british empire was being assembled and it seems to me the profits of slavery were made by the rich of the time as the white working class were dying in the streets with a short life expectancy no better than the people of colonies enslaved...and for two by your argument maybe we have the right to take over france and italy seeing as the romans and french colonised this country well before...and for three maybe you can tell me where the white underclass can live when this country eventually becomes a different type of state and we dont share their twelfth century idealism ..pakistan ? india? no i don't think so...... and finally...yes it is my country and if theres any party that promises to fight for the rights of my children and grandchildren then i will support them no matter what biased crap they get from your gordon and his politically controlled media which you so blindly believe and endorse..
  14. theres no end of accidents at the upwell street/brightside lane and brightside way /brightside lane junctions... people badly injured in many cases yet it seems nobody is accountable for the junction design.....why is that
  15. well i can't speak for the dead but i ve known one or two that fought hitler and survived....and it seems now they fear the greater threat that comes from your extremist culture friends....aided and abetted by spineless brown and cameron in their grovelling hunt for asian votes.....give it another sixty years and we will be the ethnic minority in our own country and stupid prats like you can' see it coming....normally i just challenge the view and not the person but in your case i'll make an exception
  16. its you with the dodgy opinions...who do you think you are ? some sort of almighty god who decides how somebody should think?....at least he goes to work and pays tax which is more than a lot of social security scrounging lefties on here with their strong opinions?
  17. Theres nobody more racist than the three major parties and their newspapers..... ...makes me laugh when i see the lefties posting their silly comments on here....too dumb to see whats going on right in front of their eyes and need to have their opinions formed for them by the press....
  18. i got nothing against council workers ....its the general public i can't stick...especially those in barnsley
  19. well...i consider myself an expert on the dirty scruffy disgusting loppy people who live on the edge of society....most of them live this way through choice and most have two things in common....they hoard stuff no matter how worthless it is and ...if they only had a tenner left they would spend it on a packet of fags instead of a decent meal ...but thats democracy and its their choice no its 3 things...they have sky tv aerial outside on the wall
  20. what about those that flick bogies at other people....and become so expert at it they do it with alarming accuracy....you could have your eye took out with one of those things
  21. why it it when i find money in the street its always a penny or 5 pence....never a fifty pound note
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