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  1. Sorry to have to start part3 with sad news. It was in The Star, Terrence Rhodes has passed away, his funeral is at Shiregreen Cemetry, Friday 15th August at 14.45. The Rhodes family used to live opposite the Club on Grimesthorpe Road. Condolences to all his family.
  2. I volunteer on the canal, and as 'drolnhoj' says, if you walk from Worksop Road, up the steps, along the canal towards Sheffield, just before the bridge, on the right is the remains of the old Attercliffe Station.
  3. Sorry to hear that Gaz, wasn't he a relative of yours?
  4. geotom

    Empire garage Sheffield

    Bought my first Lambretta, a Series 2 TV175, from there 1967, £60. 2years later traded it in, with them, for a SX200, both lovely machines, wish I still had them. Got a DL150 now. The 2 men that ran it were both very friendly and helpful, both were in their 60's.
  5. geotom

    Car horns, fireworks tonight

    but why fireworks at 1.20am?
  6. Hi Gaz, no he's the son of Fred Ward, Birdwell Rd area.
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of more sad news, Melvyn Ward passed away 20th of May. Funeral to be 5th June, Grenoside South Chapel at 3.30. RIP Mel'
  8. I think when they left The 'Arms, they went to the pub, bottom of Dixon Lane, Norfolk Arms?
  9. Yes, I agree with your sentiments, I remember them from The Britannia, Worksop Road.
  10. Francis Butler used to run a Youth Club there which I used to go to, about 1964/65.
  11. Well done, hope they catch the thieving <removed>
  12. Someone threatening to jump off roof of what used to be Lissermans shop?, so I've been told.
  13. Hi Southey owl, The video of the Human League just reminded me, Joanne Catherall is a Grimesthorpe Lass. I used to work with her father Les' at British Rail at Darnall, and they lived at the bottom of Crown Hill, then when the houses were being cleared for demolition they moved to Hackenthorpe.
  14. In Wincobank, we could hear fireworks at going off at 01.45.
  15. Hi Peter, what name did you work under when you were a driving instructor? I worked for Martin Woodward SOM from 1996 to 2015. Roxy School of Motoring was owned by Bill Barton later his son became a HGV instructor. Martin Woodward also worked for Roxy many years ago. geotom.
  16. Hi all, I feel sure that the shop by the side of Bagley Dyke and what was Owlet Lane (opposite The Reform Chapel) was owned by a distant relative of mine a chap called Charlie( Wag) Smith he had it as a grocery shop, and then I believe it became Pearsons used car spares. I am told that the old toilets is an extension to the garage to make it a bigger shop.
  17. The airshaft is under my nephews garage, he lives along side the path that runs from Beacon Rd down to Skelwith Drive.
  18. Hi all, the pictures of Upwell St and Grange Farm are really good, took me right back in time. Brilliant.
  19. The photo's of Adsetts Street took me back a bit, Les Rhodes and myself were great friends, I used to go to their house a lot. The back room (kitchen) was an odd shape the room got narrower from the back door towards the stairs and front room door. I feel sure that Harrisons back door was in the Rhodes's yard and Harry Briggs lived in the house at the top of the steps.
  20. Kieth and Trevor Lemm lived with their mother who ran 'Lemm's' shop, which was at the corner of Upwell St and Carlisle St. As far as I am aware, when the shop was demolished, they moved to the bottem of Wincobank Lane.
  21. Hi Brian, yes it was converted about 3 years ago, as far as I am aware, they are still empty.
  22. I don't think so, as far as I know Brian had 2 sisters.
  23. I am so sorry to hear of Brian's passing, I've known Brian since I was about 12 years old, when I joined the Boys Brigade at Wesley Hall, that would be going back to the early '60s. I think anyone from Birdwell Road end of Grimesthorpe would have known him. RIP Brian.
  24. Hi Brian, it's a while since I went in the Gardeners Rest. I saw it in the Star about wanting investors, not at all that sure about investing in a pub these days. In fact it's a busy pub, quite a few of the old factories in the area have been turned into apartments, you know upmarket, expensive flats.
  25. Hi Brian, I didn't live on Moss Street, Sandra my wife lived there, I asked her about Pauline Goodwin, she doesn't know the name, but she will ask her sister Susan when she sees her. George.

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