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  1. Of course it is if it's making noise after 11
  2. Well it was on the main page yesterday (the 5th). How side splittingly funny. If only they spent more time on journalism they might not have time for April fools jokes!
  3. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/efl-rules-out-possibility-of-sheffield-wednesday-vs-sheffield-united-play-off-final-1-9683645/amp How's that going to work if they both end up in the play offs (unlikely in Wednesday's case now) and didn't meet in the semis and both won their semis?
  4. Anyone else hear the thumping bass last night? Seemed to be some way from here (S10) towards east Sheffield as it coming through in waves. Could hear it with tap running!
  5. Sound like great employers giving you a warning for something completely out of your control.
  6. Why do the council even feel the need to put these flags up? Sheffield isn't in Ireland or Wales, just looks silly IMO.
  7. Might be worth asking on twitter.......
  8. And it was pouring down most of night I'm sure the locals did.
  9. The dirty .......... Stopped swimming there for good just over a year ago. I've lost count of the amount of times I had a bad virus just days after I went for a swim. Could well be a coincidence but it's funny.
  10. Yes but my journey was more important 😆 If it was mostly shoppers I can't believe how many people there are who want to spend money 3 days after Christmas!
  11. Made the mistake of going past meadowhall at around 5pm this afternoon. It was gridlock, never seen it as bad as that. Anyone know what caused it?
  12. Is that The Star by any chance? No fewer than 4 articles about some snow on higher ground a week before winter. What a rag!
  13. Interesting spelling of Gration
  14. The Sportsman is more Wednesday. I went to watch the derby in one of my locals and got talking to someone and said I was brave coming in here supporting Wednesday (even though there were plenty of other owls fans in) to which I replied it's my local. I've always felt we're closer to Hillsborough than the lane so it I find it surprising there seems to be so many blades around here.
  15. I go past regularly late evening and although it's nothing like it is earlier in the day, it's still fairly busy and the road does get blocked.
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