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  1. 35 years each, minimum. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-50388496
  2. Are they actually not allowed out of meadowhall or strongly advised to stay?
  3. Valleyside garden centre had a whole section of Christmas stuff in August!
  4. Wow he actually turned up on a Saturday, thought he'd still be in bed.
  5. Couldn't have put it better! Could never understand how it was so busy.
  6. Agreed. She knows full well she's no chance of holding the seat as a Lib Dem and she knew when she defected she wasn't representing the wishes of the constituents who voted for her.
  7. I know I've logged in with that, wonder why it's not working for me?
  8. Wouldn't mind going owls v everton tomorrow. They're saying tickets can only be purchased from ticket office or online but the online shop won't let me click on any of the options for the game 😕
  9. I find Waitrose is much better quality to be honest.
  10. The question is...why would anyone want to have a drink in the overpriced Sleigh Bar?!
  11. How long have they been doing this?Petrol stations have to display their prices legally IIRC. If it's not been that long then the sign is probably broken.
  12. Or Sheffield Forum! Headline - "Hillsborough residents disturbed by low frequency humming noise at night" 😂
  13. The other week the main story on the front page was about the jury considering their verdict in that murder trail. No mention anywhere on there they'd been found guilty three days earlier. They're a total joke. Anyone who pays to read that site would pay for anything.
  14. The world doesn't revolve around school holidays though.
  15. There seems to be more roadworks than ever right now. I've lost count of the amount of temporary lights I've seen over the last couple of weeks!
  16. Indeed. Even if it is true I think it's the least of the OP's worries.
  17. I'm guessing the OP will have found out if his battery was any good after six years.
  18. Never seen the point of setting off fireworks in daylight!
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