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  1. Work has finished now, so there won't be anymore interruptions. We've had to improve the aircraft warning lights on the mast. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Really? I could have sworn it's not been opened at all. Are you sure it was the snake?
  3. It was my fault. I accidently turned the lights on, but switched them off again straight away.
  4. Well, under the Firework Disturbance Act 1991, it is illegal, in this country, to set off any firework after 2300. I could hear the Fireworks in Sandygate, at around 2220, so they weren't breaking the law and cannot be sued. However, I don't know if they continued past the 2300 "watershed".
  5. Valleyside off the A57 in the Rivelin Valley is open until 6pm.
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