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  1. That's because your aerial will be tuned to the Belmont transmitter. You will need a wideband aerial to receive five, because its UHF channel is not in the same group as the other 4 - group A. Having said that, nearly all of the digital MUXs from Belmont are out of the group.
  2. Did anyone else wake up this morning to find there was no power? It really is the worst time of the day to have a power cut. My alarm clock is electric, so it didn't work and I only woke up by chance 15 minutes earlier, but I could have easily overslept. That and no toaster, TV, microwave for porridge and no shower.
  3. Yes, I was well aware of that, I just didn't want to split hairs. Having worked as an engineer at Emley Moor for 27 years, I do have a fair understanding on aerials. I'm not sure what the UHF channels are from Crosspool, but I do know that channel 5 is well out of range from the other four. The UHF Channels from Emley Moor for the 5 analogue channels are: BBC1 - 44 BBC2 - 51 ITV1 - 47 CH4 - 41 CH5 - 37 These frequencies belong in group B, hence you would need a group B aerial with the spokes pointing horizontally if you wish to receive signals from Emley Moor.
  4. No, aim your aerial at Crosspool. If you want to tune into the Tapton Hill transmitter, make sure your aerial is rotated so the spokes are vertical (perpendicular to ground). However, you will need a wideband aerial to receive channel 5.
  5. Do you know anywhere I can store this ladder - it's quite long!
  6. Work has finished now, so there won't be anymore interruptions. We've had to improve the aircraft warning lights on the mast. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Really? I could have sworn it's not been opened at all. Are you sure it was the snake?
  8. It was my fault. I accidently turned the lights on, but switched them off again straight away.
  9. Well, under the Firework Disturbance Act 1991, it is illegal, in this country, to set off any firework after 2300. I could hear the Fireworks in Sandygate, at around 2220, so they weren't breaking the law and cannot be sued. However, I don't know if they continued past the 2300 "watershed".
  10. Valleyside off the A57 in the Rivelin Valley is open until 6pm.
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