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  1. There is no trading restrictions on any day other than Sunday and Christmas day. Hence, any retailer with half a brain will be open on a Bank Holiday Monday to make some money.
  2. It's people who think like you who make my blood boil. You are more than welcome to do sod all on a Sunday, but I'll do what I bloody well want. It is no different to Saturday to me and if I want to go shopping, go to the pub, or play use a noisy chain saw then I will.
  3. Under the Sunday Trading Act 1994, those big shops which are restricted to 6 hours on a normal Sunday cannot open at all on Easter Sunday. It's all to do with religion basically. Christians think its disrepectful for people to go shopping instead of worship.
  4. To fix this is really simple - usually anyway. Firstly, delete all your channels so you are left with nothing. Then instead of doing an automatic search, do a manual search. For example, for Emley Moor search on UHF 40,43,46,49,50 and 52. Then add the channels your box finds on each of these frequencies. This way you will get only what's broadcast from Emley Moor. I'm not sure what the numbers are for Crosspool. The problem with going for an automatic search on some models is that it stores whatever it finds first in the UHF spectrum, even if its a weaker signal. For example, originally I got Look North from Newcastle on channel 1 because the box found MUX1 on UHF 34 from Bilsdale before MUX1 on UHF 52 from Emley Moor. And yes, I can recieve a decent signal even on analogue in Sheffield from the Bilsdale transmitter on the North Yorkshire/County Durham border - a whole 70 miles away. It's a very powerful transmitter.
  5. Well, around the same time in Sandygate the lights flickered significantly at least 4 times. I'm glad it's not a problem with our electrics.
  6. Initially I thought you had forgotten to retune after Crosspool changed its MUX1 frequency yesterday. Now I realise the problems not at your end.
  7. Yes, everythings gone off Emley Moor - which means the same will apply to Crosspool because its a relay of Emley. My guess is that they're preparing for HD broadcasts off Emley - that the reason why Crosspool moved its MUX1 frequency yesterday.
  8. There's always one isn't there. It's been extensively notified since January that viewers off Crosspool will need to retune on 17th.
  9. But it's still on a Sunday. Why are races always on a Sunday? I aint running on a day of rest.
  10. The residents on that road are quite impatient so they're given priority. Apparently if they don't get what they want they get very cross!
  11. I'm not 100% sure, but I think early closing on Thursdays is a tradition that goes way back, and that is why elections in the UK are always on a Thursday - so the turnout is high.
  12. Only 6 and a half years ago in fact - the name changed in September 2002.
  13. Just out of interest, where do you live? I'm in Crosspool, and 40 mins in the programme, the lights flickered and the TV switched on and off. It was quite scary.
  14. Don't think I've ever seen Hagg Lane so dark. Lasted about 50 mins that power cut.
  15. No. Once the road reaches 999 or 998 on either side, the road name changes, ending with the general direction the road is heading. After 999 Ecclesall Road, the next address is 1 Ecclesall Road South. The whole point of adding a bearing at the end the name of a long road is to avoid 4 figure addresses. It is sometimes not appropriate to change the name entrirely at 998 or 999. At 999 Ecclesall Road, Ecclesall still hasn't been reached, so it's still the road to Ecclesall.
  16. Don't know if anyone here has had problems, but getting into the inner city has been a nightmare for over a week now. Some bright spark has thought it was necessary to dig up the road surface, yes just the road surface, at the junction on Manchester Road with Stephen Hill/Benty Lane in Crosspool. The problem is the temporary lights. If your travelling along Manchester Road and you don't make it past the lights before they change to red, you may as well turn your engine off - you'll be sat there for nearly 5 minutes before they change again - what a joke. Not only are there 2 lights either side of the obstruction, but there are lights at the junction of the 2 side roads as well, and they haven't bothered to adjust the timing accordingly. So anyway, this started well over a week ago now and has caused carnage at quiet times, never mind rush hour. I drove past on Wednesday at around 11am, the weather was fine, and were there any workmen there getting on with the job so thinks could get back to normal as soon as possible? Were there heck! It was still a large section of missing tarmac. If they are digging down, goodness know how long they'll take. If you haven't done so already, avoid them. I took a mcuh longer route today and got to where I was going quicker than the other day.
  17. Can I ask what this lady's name is? If it's who I think it may be, I know her as well.
  18. That's not funny in my opinion and in truth its assualt.
  19. But it's not funny. Mainly because none of this make the slightest bit of sense.
  20. The best star sign in the world...ever!
  21. Then it should only be a temporary problem. Your on the highest part of the area, and bad weather is probably the cause. Try re-tuning your freeview box. I live much further down manchester road (toward rivelin) and cannot get a good digital reception through my aerial at all.
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