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  1. The roads in our area have had all the kerbs replaced and the grass verges are a mess covered in aggregate so they're impossible to cut without knackering the mower and now it seems they've upped sticks and left. The area was also supposed to have had new street lights put in over May and June, but not a single one has been done. Last weekend I drove through Highfield and they have started putting new lights there. According to the schedule Highfield was supposed to start getting new lights in September. I hope our area hasn't been put to the back of the queue because they couldn't keep to schedule.
  2. Do what I do, you can hand your valuables into reception and they are kept locked away in a secure staff only area free of charge.
  3. Which would have been such a shame. And you continuing to say I'm closed minded, as you seem to like saying, also won't make it true.
  4. I couldn't give a toss what you think, especially when you're wrong.
  5. The Sunday Trading Act only applies to retail outlets. Places like swimming baths can do whatever they want.
  6. I would rather our flag was flown every day. Wales has nothing to do with Sheffield.
  7. There's a big population of immigrants from a lot of countries in Sheffield. I don't see why the Welsh should get special treatment.
  8. Sheffield isn't in wales that's why. I don't know why our flag should always fly by law, but that is the case - look it up.
  9. The town hall flew the flag of Wales today even though there's only one flagpole, which meant the union flag was taken down. If there's only one pole then the union flag must stay up anyway by law, but what is the point of flying the flag of another country and not our own? I'd bet you wouldn't find a single England flag in Wales on St George's Day.
  10. The SYP helicopter has been circling overhead for well over an hour, and for ages at 4am this morning (woke me up). I wonder if this is related this case, do the police normally deploy choppers for missing people?
  11. Wow, Bin collection and postman - on a Sunday!
  12. Maybe the driver would have seen the road is completely impassable for such a heavy vehicle, used his brain and come to the conclusion he couldn't do his job.
  13. A huge lorry has got stuck on my road, which is steep, isn't on the treated list and is currently like a ski slope. Completely brain dead! (The lorry driver that is, not the gritters)
  14. Well, it's a bit difficult to actually read the question.
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