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  1. 4 hours ago, ProperBrew said:



    Did anyone notice the anti-vaxxers under the old bus shelters outside the Peace Gardens today, waving crazy signs? I've not been that far up town in a while, are they a regular occurence? And what's up with them?

    Seems to happen most Saturdays in many towns and cities. 


    Some people obviously have nothing better to do on Saturdays.

  2. 3 hours ago, butlers said:

    The wiki has the 3 remaining towers to be demolished 21 Aug this year

    That Eggborough or Ferrybridge?


    Edit: Just seen it's Ferrybridge, Eggborough has 4 left anyway. And it's 22nd August not 21st which makes sense as they usually do these demolitions on a Sunday morning for some reason.

  3. Less than 10 years ago there were 7 coal fired power stations visible from here. Thorpe Marsh and High Marnham were demolished in 2012, and on Sunday half of the cooling towers at Eggborough were demolished, with the other 4 presumably set to follow in the not too distant future. 


    Bit crappy of the demolition company though, apparently they announced they would demolish them between 10 and 11am, and they did it at 8! People came for miles to watch it only to find the towere already down!

  4. 49 minutes ago, onewheeldave said:

    That's the attitude- I don't use nightclubs therefore I'm fine with everyone who does use them being subject to compulsory injections.


    I don't use nightclubs either, but I still object to nightclubbers civil liberties being damaged.


    What are you planning to do if/when they make it compulsory for pubs?- cos if you were planning to object you'd maybe regret not tackling it at the start of the slippery slope.


    Given that it's now compulsory for care home workers with a high liklihood of all healthcare staff next, plus now, nightclubbers, I wouldn't be feeling too smug about pubs escaping.

    Oh don't get me wrong I do object to it as well just glad it doesn't impact me... at least for now.


    If they do the same for pubs then it'll be back to drinks from the off licence. Will be a disgrace if they do.

    31 minutes ago, Longcol said:

    They'll be making people pass driving tests, drive on the left and have compulsory insurance next.

    Not the same at all.

  5. 12 minutes ago, sibon said:

    But we aren’t talking lockdowns now. We are talking about social distancing, courteous masking, being clean. 

    None of those things are particularly intrusive. Indeed, if a person with dirty hands invaded your personal space and breathed all over you, how would you react?

    That rather depends. 

    Are you another who is looking forward to the opportunity to breathe on strangers?

    No it doesn't. And no, never done that ever.

  6. 7 minutes ago, onewheeldave said:

    I'll assume you're not asking for evidence of living in an age of divisiveness :)

    Evidence that a significant portion of the population are anti lockdown and anti mask compuslion? Combination of just looking around and listening to what people I know are saying and then the fact that there is so much opposition to continuing the lockdowns. Media outlets like Talkradio, plus all the ones that got censored out of the public view.

    Nothing wrong with being "anti lockdown" whatsoever.

  7. 9 hours ago, makapaka said:

    3 of my mates, 1 family member and 2 of my neighbours got Covid in the last week - you'd have to be mad to have a vaccine ready and waiting for you and turn it down.


    Cos you're gonna get Covid - no doubt about it.

    Not necessarily


  8. 3 hours ago, prince al said:

    Drove through Page Hall the other day Upwell street area. It is absolutely disgusting! You have to see it to believe it. Loads of  people wandering around with nothing to do.

     Why can’t they start working by picking the litter up and refrain from dumping their sofas and unwanted household goods on the public byway?

    I was doing some jobs there a few months back and actually witnessed someone in two different houses emptying a bin out of an upstairs window onto the pavement. Couldn't believe what I was seeing!

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