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  1. Great to see so many on here making light of this. Because I wouldn't be laughing if it was my daughter, wife or mother who happened to witness it.
  2. Oh don't get me wrong I do object to it as well just glad it doesn't impact me... at least for now. If they do the same for pubs then it'll be back to drinks from the off licence. Will be a disgrace if they do. Not the same at all.
  3. Nightclubs are my idea of hell so this doesn't bother me at all. Just as long as they don't do the same for pubs.
  4. Unfortunately one of the many that ignored the prohibition to swim in it has come a cropper https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/emergency-services-search-for-man-who-got-into-difficulty-in-water-at-sheffield-park-3312791
  5. No it doesn't. And no, never done that ever.
  6. Nothing wrong with being "anti lockdown" whatsoever.
  7. I can hear them right now in Broomhill!
  8. Wish the NHS would stop sending me letters and texts to book a vaccine. There appears to be no way of telling them I don't want it!
  9. So basically the PCC will be whoever is chosen by Labour as most of South Yorkshire would vote for a slug in a red rosette!
  10. Did they really require an inquest to determine this? It was obvious what had happened, must have been torture for the family to go over it all again 8 months later!
  11. Would appreciate it if they stopped sending me texts pestering me to book a vaccine.
  12. Love how they are only saying a 24 year old man has been arrested. Why not just say it's him?
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56511374 Oh dear! Not surprising, but still that's a huge blow! RIP Sheffield City Centre!
  14. Whether or not they are used to doing it is irrelevant. It's disgusting.
  15. I was doing some jobs there a few months back and actually witnessed someone in two different houses emptying a bin out of an upstairs window onto the pavement. Couldn't believe what I was seeing!
  16. Most people are in bed at that time. Most likely a fault rather than planned maintenance at that time anyway.
  17. Oh come on it's hardly likely is it, one extra bin bag in the wagon. In any case I strongly suspect they were fobbing me off as I cannot see the logic, even by SCC's standards, of having a list of bins to empty in an area except for one. No more likely they took umbrage with a member of the public pointing it out to them, or just couldn't be bothered. They empty the bins on the main road every day but this one is set back and is often left for weeks overflowing. A neighbour is reporting it all the time, but it still gets left.
  18. Does anyone know what the average price of an electrical inspection for a two bedroom terraced house is?
  19. Too literally without any using any initiative. If they've genuinely been told to ignore bins that need emptying but aren't on their "list", then that's ridiculous management.
  20. I've noticed more and more street bin full to brim and overflowing. There's one near my house that hadn't been emptied for weeks despite seeing the wagon most nights emptying others nearby. One night when I saw them I went out to tell them about it, they just said it wasn't on their list. Not on their list........ it's full!! Couldn't be bothered arguing and walked off, how can you argue with someone who has that logic. Talk about bone idle!
  21. There's nothing on roadworks.org map, I looked the other day as I was wondering as well. Been closed for at least two months without any work carried out. Not really acceptable.
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