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  1. Terry Steeples wife's name was Rachel
  2. Yes Niel it was across from the Wheatsheaf. In fact I got fined £1 at the Juvenile Court on Nursery Street for drinking under age in the Stag. My mother went mad.
  3. Hello again Niel, I remember the sawmakers vaguely, but can't say I remember the domino, used to go in the crown, and the manchester and the neepsend tavern, and do you remember the stag, I think it was just off harvest lane, landlord's name was bunny, then he took the old blue bell in fitzalan square.
  4. Did anybody work at Turton Brothers at Neepsend. I worked there from 1967 - 1970, and remember lots of great characters. Managing Director's name was Harry Eyre.
  5. Did anyone go in the Malton when "Curly Bill" had it. Best landlord I've ever known. Always had a roaring fire going. He'd give you two bob to put in juke box when he pulled you your half of beer. If we went in on our dinner half hour, we could take our own sandwiches, and he used to have piccalilli, pickled onions, branston on the bar for when we walked in. What a guy!!!
  6. Hello Niel, I'm not too sure about which department, but I know it wouldn't have been warehouse work. Did they have buffer's? that would have been more up my aunties street, or something similar. Yes Niel the parkwood hotel was the last to go. The one at the top was called the Douglas Inn. Do you happen to know which department she worked in, it would help if you do as Bedfords employed a lot of women particularly in the File, Precision File and Manicure departments and of course in the warehouses. Please remind me what the names of the two pubs were on PWS, I think the bottom one was the last to go and the top one the first. Had a pint or two in each, long time ago now, memorys' shot:-) regards neil memmott
  7. No, at least I don't think, most of them were miner's but I think two of the brother's were shopkeepers
  8. My grandmother was born at woodhouse. Her name was Mary Keeton. She left there in 1907 when she married my grandfather, Charles Walker, but all her brothers and sisters lived there for many years later.
  9. My grandparents used to live at the top of Deerlands Avenue, They we called John and Annie Wheywell
  10. My auntie used to work at Bedfords around that time. Her name was Mary Austin, and her Maiden name was Walker
  11. I used to go in the Barleycorn as well and also the Travellers at the bottom of the Moor, which had a barman (gay). I think they called him Doreen or something similar
  12. Hiya Cliff, I do remember you, so how are you keeping ok? Well it's surprising who you meet on here. I was on the phone to your Susan Shaw a few weeks ago. and Denise Hackett who lives in Skegness now. There's a few people from Parkwood who are listed on Friends Reunited, don't know if you've been on it yet but you'll find a few familiar names on there. Pete Addison, Jean Ward, David Christian, and a few more. Take care Cliff kind regards Carol:)
  13. Hello Ebby, I thought it was you, so how are you these days. and how come you dont remember me. It's Carol Walker, now do you remember. I've sent you a private message. Hope you're okay. regards Carol
  14. Does anyone remember the "New Formula" who played on the Black Swan in the sixties. I believe the singer had a dummy hand, but could he sing.
  15. My brother had his driving lessons in 1967 with Mr Kennedy who lived at Parkwood Springs, and amazingly my daughter is also having lessons with him. Still on the go. He has to be in his 70's now
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