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  1. Can anyone recommend a window cleaner for South View Road area of Sharrow. Just want it doing once a month or so cos pretty much can't see out now! Cheers.
  2. i'd heard they had a 3 year warranty too but rang microsoft and was told it was over a year old so out of warranty. They did kindly offer to take ut away and have a look for 90 quid tho. I'm actually shocked that they can sell something so clearly shoddy and then have such poor aftersales care. Like i said, i'm not even a heavy user. Feel pretty ripped off and it looks like its gonna be cheaper and easier to get it fixed here.
  3. Thanks for all advice. My Xbox is out of warranty so dunno how much use it'd be sending it back, that's why I was wondering about fixers in Sheffield. Can they be successfully repaired after RRoD? Any tips for cleaning fans - I tried blowing into the back but not sure how effective it'd be. It seems kinda rubbish, I've only had it around 16 months and am not a heavy user. Didn't realise Xboxes were so temperamental...
  4. my xbox 360 has started freezing just after i turn it on. It doesn't seem to make any difference if the disc is in or not. There is sometimes a little flicker of a kinda red checkered pattern as it freezes. Anyone got any idea what the problem is and if/where/how much i can get it fixed for in sheff? Hope you can help, cheers.
  5. I can't see anywhere in that above article stating that the problem with the crucifix was 'in case it offended muslims'. The problem seemed to be that it contravened school dress code.
  6. Was wondering when coming up the M1 t'other day, when you see a sign sayin, for example, 'Sheffield 35miles', where exactly in Sheffield is this measured to? Is there a specific spot that is sheffield's official 'centre'?
  7. What I'm really enjoying is the Subway wrappers/bags/napkins littering the streets (and even the park) since it opened. Nice.
  8. Well, I'm glad this got folk talking at least. i think one thing that is noticeable is that those people who have used the Oyster card (and my friends who live in London) seem to like it. I was initially sceptic but found that it did make using public transport in London a much more stress-free and cheaper experience. Not sure i understand the point about transport not being cheaper - the tube fares ARE half price and, as i said in the OP, my commute in London cost me £1, in Sheffield it costs me £1.60. Thats cheaper. You are right tho, the card i have is actually a debit rather than credit card, I was really tryin to describe the physical appearence of the card to give folk an idea. The idea of a non-time limited card where you did indeed pay say £20 for 20 single journeys wouldn't be too hard to implement would it? would certainly be a step in the right direction. The flexibility of Oyster card top-up is also an attractive feature. For a lot of us £75 is a lot of money to shell out in one go, no matter how great value the Travelmaster may be. And I also found that over a long bus journey the stoppage time was seriously reduced. Anybody who's ever caught an 82 bus on a monday morning and had to wait at the stop at the top of Fargate while 30 people get on and buy their weekly travel pass whilst fumbling for change and student ID will appreciate how nice it was to have a bus that stopped for just a few seconds at each stop....
  9. Is it the law that someone has to post this question once a week, every week? Anyway, check out Feline just off Ecclesall Road. Top notch.
  10. They can put an inspector onto a bus and he/she can ask to check yr card and can ascertain wether it has been swiped for that journey or not I think. Much like ticket inspectors on trams. There is no turnstiles for busses, they are only for the tube and were there anyway. I figured there would be complicated reasons why it would be hard to implement, and yes, I wouldnt be too surprised if First used it as justification for another price hike! Still, it IS a cool system.
  11. But the travelmaster is monthly. It runs out. The oyster card you put £15 on it, you get to use £15, even if you only go to london once a year. Maybe I need to use the bus a lot for 2 weeks then not at all for a month? With a monthly travelcard the money is lost. I just think that if we want people to return to public transpot then the needs of the passengers rather than the operators should be paramount, and the Oyster card seems to work and most people I've spoken to seem to like it.
  12. I work in London quite a lot so have an Oyster card for when I'm down there. (For anyone who doesn't know an Oyster card is a pre-paid credit card type thing that you use for public transport. When you get on a bus/tube you wave it at a little senser thing and it automatically deducts an appropriate fare. What is important is that this fare is massively discounted - half the price of a 'paper' ticket usually, with all bus journeys costing just £1) Every time I go I'm impressed with how easy, efficient and, above all, CHEAP this system is. It seems ridiculous i can take a 5 mile bus journey in central London for a quid yet a 2 mile journey in Sheffield costs me £1.60. Couldn't the SYPTE introduce some similar scheme here? An integrated travel pass that didnt expire after so many days offering discounted bus/tram travel? Maybe that would get people back on public transport? Just a thought....
  13. Does anyone know where I can buy plain unbleached (and preferably recycled) paper or card in/around Sheffield? I've tried an internet search and come up with a blank... Cheers.
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