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  1. Palma Violets and Swizzles. Cough candy Jamiaca Rum chocolate bars
  2. Two interesting facts about me. 1) My knob is the same length as 2 Argos pens. 2) I'm banned from Argos.
  3. Desktop Robo-Boxing Game by "perfect solutions" - £1.99:) It just seemed like a bargain! I couldn't resist!
  4. I can't believe my grand father died before we got a chance to say goodbye. Quite ironic really seeing as he drowned in a bowl of "Cheerios"
  5. 2 Sheffield ladies were at Sunderland on 27th May Friday and we had a fab time. I was the nutcase who turned up late and bought a ticket at the door, I was made welcome by the Sheffield girls. Thank you. Soup x
  6. Any of you found work yet? Young Mr Soup is still unemplooyed:(
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