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  1. think this sholud be locked before tempers flare
  2. always had respect for you fox !! but after reading some of your posts my opinoin has changed drastic .i thought you understand youths and wanted to help but you have shown your true colours tonight
  3. hi i heard the police had been given 4 names from around the far lees pub area of certain youths who have been pinching these items.but the youths in question are around 16yrs old dont no if this helps you at all.also believe it the same gang that hang around in the tin shed opposite were we live
  4. told you but wouldnt listen to me would you its because you are constantly thinking over it and wishing
  5. every on sf seems to have their two penneth to say over parents,children and youths.what i was wondering is how truthful are you all.either you havent children or they are saints. can any of you honestley say you never had trouble with your own siblings or done wrong as a child yourself ?as i am finding it hard to believe that all these forumers seem to constantley call others
  6. yes they do and thank you like i said we do supervise them to
  7. sorry but i have to admit as well i have witnessed these parents with the youths and they are nowere near anyone and once out of the wood the bike is then pushed not rode.i dont like bikes but as i keep stating it is not everyone who owns 1 at least these parents are with the youths in isolated areas they could leave them to it as many do wouldnt you say/i think you are been totally unfair and im sure original meant if her son hurt himself then it would be her concience that she had purchased the bike for him
  8. seems this is getting out of hand i live near the wood yes there is local youths who are just out the odd hour in the wood causing no hassle but also we have alot of older youths here to and the local lads seem to be getting blame for it all.yes i have seen parents with the youths also i must say some old folk watching the kids who to admitted they as harmless as are not flying about everyone seems to be able to spout over the bikes but what over the drugs you all saying that ok are you?not everyone is the same but as stated it is illegal but could be doing alot worse couldnt they?
  9. just read the star were it is saying police to now target youths on off rd bikes.while i agree they are a nuisance and can be lethal i also think if the police and the council got together and got a track for the youths surely this would help. also it would keep them off streets and rds were i live there is 3 fields which would be perfect for biking so what is the problem in the youths using this land.in my opinion we should be concentrating on drug dealers and users more after all the youths could be doing drugs
  10. any 1 been to the graves park festival 2.50 entrance fee and the rest was extortionate rides drinks and food how can a normal family manage to take their children to it why do they charge like this
  11. sorry didnt change it when moved
  12. last night couldnt sleep so sat reading.around 12.30 heard noises i looked to see 2young girls around 13 or 14 outside 1 was so drunk couldnt stand the other girl was trying to help her walk.12.45 was still there layed at side of rd (blackstock rd )i decided to ring the police at this point at 1.10 after been waiting 20mins to answer i told the officer what i could see a man and women appearedand walked the girls up the rd (which was the opposite direction to were they live)i told the police and they replied we get someone over now 5mins later we had 2 headcases fling up and down on a tiny motorbike no helmets making a right noise.STILL NO POLICE then to my amazement a smoke bomb was thrown at another house on blackstock rd in which fire engines had to attend.the police turned up looking around at 1.55 so why do we bother informing the police these girls could have been raped or murdered
  13. married unhappy took for granted need my fire relighting
  14. hi is there anyone else lonely and in need of some attention ?should be a lonley hearts on here phraps we would find the perfect partner
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