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  1. It is a shame when you take a look at Rotherham council.. Who are the opposite of Sheffield. You don't see any road signs up inviting people to call in Sheffield. They are totally different.
  2. HI Mate, I'm on my wifes login name.. I have worked there for 2 and a half years and it's a good place to work. People move around a lot internally but at the moment the call centre is being expanded to accomodate more people and well it's looking awesome. It's always been a good place to work. So many changes since BT bought it but none of them for the worst. Apply. It's well worth it.
  3. I'm not.. And today I spoke to the guy who apologised on the other guys behalf. I bought a big issue and all is well. I jsut didn't apprecaite being shouted at in the street when I am trying to do some good.
  4. No Idea but I am also hearing the same. Are they on air?
  5. So today I walked past the guy I usually buy from. I had no money so I thought a civilised smile and wave would be okay. Next thing I know someone else there who I had never seen before say " oi, when was the last time you saw him". I just stopped and looked at him. The seller told him that I buy from him usually every monday when a new one is out. He said, and i'll quote but in nice words. " oh that's rubbish he does not buy from you every week don't talk bloody rubbish" Now some days I struggle to feed my kids and I will often go without dinner knowing that I tried to help a big issue seller. Well from now on they can shove it up their arses. The end..
  6. I reported a safety partnership camera van once for doing 55mph up Hillsborouogh. It even got flashed by the treveulo as it's a 40mph limit and I could see it was speeding so I put the cruise control on. I got my passenger to take a video and sent it in but never heard anything. Likewise a police car doing 50mph down by the area. again nothing.
  7. I used to be able to go from sheffield to Glasgow airport on £16 of LPG at 80mph constant. £32 a day fuel earning £150 a day. Nice. Only downside it the burning temp. Once in Scotland it was -12 and I had to run back on unleaded. Not cheap! the gas wouldn't burn! Also people say that gas cars are dangerous - that's crap. The tanks are 10 times stronger than a petrol tank and if you do manage to split one withint 5-10 seconds all of your fuel was evaporated in to the air! I'd rather have a crash in a LPG car than a petrol/diesel one.
  8. 2 years ago when I had a LPG combo van I paid 31.4p a litre from the garage at meadowhall near TFI Fridays or whatever it's called. You can park for free with the council and you don't pay congestion charge but be VERY careful about that. Make sure you are registered right away. I changed my plate to a private one and although I had been registerd for 7 weeks before going to London I was sent a fine which I refused to pay. Baliffs cae round it cost me £500 and I never got any of it back despite writing to transport for london. The days bio diesel is the way to go. The kit to make it costs £300-£500 and any diesel car will take it but it might need to be measured to suit. People forget the fist ingredient ever used in diesel was rape seed oil. 2500 litres a year free. Free chip fat too and no conversion needed on most cars. Lovely.
  9. They both must have had a sixth sense. lexi up at 3.30am, refused to get her out of bed,and stop putting her in with us so ened up on the floor next to her bed,she settled after a while and went bk to sleep.5.20am i got bk into bed to then get up with the alarm at 6.30am!! Very very stiff today but glad it worked,sort of anyway. getting a bit of control back im hoping.
  10. hi kitty my little one sounds exactly the same. Its come from nowhere! Ive tryed leaving her an she screams like ive never heard her before! Ive laid at the end of her cot,thats worked but seems to have worn off, i know putting her in with us is a mistake but what do you do when you work full time,you need some sort of sleep!!
  11. My 18mnth has decided to wake at differant times of the night, its been going on for mnths now with only the odd day or two where she has slept threw. but then gone back to waking up again. she wakes up screamin and wont settle bk down. On the really bad nights shes ended up with us. Which is not ideal but the only way of getting some sort of sleep. Im quite happy to leave her screaming but she would wake the street up as she seems so paniced at times. Ive tryed feeding her up,bath before bed ect. Any ideas?? Lyns:help:
  12. OR you could put your postcode or Sheffield in to http://www.petrolprices.com/ Job done. even got a free iphone app.
  13. its always cheaper to employ someone direct but there is usualy a few grand payment to take them off the agencys books. you dont have any right to ask for a pay rise. this is how the agency makes its money never forget one of the golden rules of business which is " other people's time, other people's money!
  14. yes i used to work on the MML buffet cars they just bring th food out the guys at sheffield station are a good bunch always up for a laugh
  15. I saw 3 tonight about 300 feet in the air. Above the wicker. Really odd I got them on my mobile. The way they were moving was nothing like anything we make can do. One went from left to right a fair way in seconds.
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