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  1. Yes, i see there's quite a few threads on preference - i'll probably end up getting both at some point, particularly if PS3 is techncially more advanced i'm looking forward to see if console gaming is for me
  2. Cheers for that - i'll look out for them
  3. thanks for the repsonses - all good i'm surprised at just how cheap the year subscription is - i paid £10 a month for 4 years just for one game (world of warcraft) £480 then! I'm gonna go with the elite xbox and no-one has really made a case for the PS3. I'm assuming the gaming experience is pretty similar but the backlog of games for Xbox must be far superior to PS3 - i'm just wondering if the architecture for the PS3 differs that much from the Xbox, as it came out a year later it must be more advanced technically, but software hasn't caught up to exploit its potential yet? Console gaming is a new experience for me, i've been a PC gamer since the days of the ZX81! hopefully they'll be a few strategy and RPG gaming options... I must say i'm looking forward to the big screen plug in and play HD gaming
  4. is the £40 for the year then? that's pretty good if it is...
  5. i have a 48' tv if that makes any difference.. thanks for the tip on the cables - invaluable as they do seem to range a lot in price
  6. Hi I'm contemplating buying an Xbox 360 or possibly a PS3. i've followed the threads on which is better but it seems pretty 50/50 with the main distinction being that PS3 has the Blue Ray. Anyhow, can someone tell me what advantage the 'Elite' xbox console has over a standard one? i know it has a bigger hard drive but what does that mean in terms of an enhanced gaming experience. Also i have a HDMI TV, does this mean that the games can be played in HD quaility? as standard? or do i need to buy further cables etc? As always, thanks in advance for any advice. If you want to pitch in with your preference for PS3 or Xbox360 then that would be welcome too!
  7. this resolved? Local Planning Authorities have discretionary powers to accept minor modifications to approved planning applications without the need to re-advertise or require applicants to submit a new planning application
  8. i'm very lazy when it comes to cooking - in fact i rarely 'cook' anything and blast most things by microwave. I go to the gym alot after work and so i don't want to be eating later than 7pm really. i still think i eat pretty healthy and get my 5 a day in - the microwave stuff is always low fat etc i'm just wondering how much cheaper it is to make from scratch rather than buy everything ready-made/mircowavable i must spend £10 a day on food...(includes £3-4 on lunch)
  9. i guess the laptop will 'turn off' after a couple of hours or so - i haven't left it without flipping up the screen at least once ever hour (only had laptop 3 days) - only time i've left it is at night when i go bed ok, i've now set the laptop to never sleep and never to turn the display off - hopefully that will fix things. Cheers cyclone as helpful as ever (haven't been on this forum for a couple of years but good to see peeps are still as helpful as ever)
  10. see above comment - also things like facebook, if i leave lptop on overnight i look at my facebook page it hasn't updated when i view it in the morning
  11. by the way it's not just the Torrent, it's also things like burning discs - there's no progress on burning a disk if i leave overnight
  12. Thanks for replies yes Sky BB - it is exactly the same connection as my desktop, same room, same connections/leads etc - the only difference is that i'm now using my laptop. i'm using the ADSL rather than wireless (as per my desktop) I've checked the torrent programme (BitLord) and there's nothing that offers the option to auto stop etc....(schedule manager then) i'm not actually sure how to set up the wireless - it seems less secure so never been bothered about using it.
  13. Hi I've set my new laptop to not go into sleep mode as i thought that this would solve the problem of it shutting down programmes overnight. I've also set it so that it's irrelevant if the laptop is open or closed. (The laptop doesn't shutdown or anything overnight but programmes such as a torrent stops) If, for example i leave a torrent running overnight, when i check it in the morning the programme has stopped and no further progress on a download has been made. Why is this and how do i resolve? Just to add that i've had a desktop PC for the last two years with same internet (Sky) and i can just leave that for as long as i want and the torrent will keep downloading until i physically tuen the PC off. thanks in advance
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