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  1. I think the general direction of this thread proves that your use of the word 'bingle' was a poor choice. If you had said 'minor accident' or 'minor bump' then the discussion would've been about the accident rather than the word 'bingle'
  2. Google is like a woman, it doesn't let you finish a sentence before making other suggestions.
  3. I completed the game on PS3, and got the platinum trophy in 100 hours gaming time lol. It took me from Xmas until about March. Yes I agree, the main story is only the tip of the iceberg. It's got a nasty habit of sidetracking with various side quests; its a MASSIVE game. I've not downloaded any DLC though, I dont think any has been released yet for PS3 due to technical issues delaying release.
  4. I'm thinking of getting a gopro camera to take some mountain biking videos. Been looking at some reviews which are all good, but they seem to be very expensive! Are they really worth the extra money than some of the cheaper alternatives out there? Anyone use one of these, and if so any advice?
  5. Make your mind up! Are they as much use as a chocolate teapot? Or are they nearly as good as duracells?
  6. When I play golf, i switch my phone off and put it in by bag and enjoy my 4 and half hours disconnected from the world. However, Someone I play golf with is constant reading his texts, and checking his facebook while walking up the fairways.
  7. Probably more than you think. I used to have one of them large plastic beer bottles about 3 feet high. I gradually filled it over a few years, and when it was full, I got some money bags from the bank and bagged it all up. It turned out there was over £550 in it.
  8. The majority of Rich's predictable postings include "daily fail", "wont happen", "meh" or "sony zealot". I still haven't got to the bottom of why Rich hate's Sony so much without some sort of immature back chat. As others have said, i would recommend Sennheiser. I got some Sennheiser CX500 and it's unbelievable how good they sound, and they were only about £35. A bargain at the side of some of the top end earphones such as shure which really don't sound any better than these. Make sure you get them from a reputable seller (i got mine from HMV) as there are fakes everywhere on ebay.
  9. The system is wrong, but that's another subject now on another thread.
  10. I'm not trolling (as you frequently accuse anyone who says anything that annoys you) i'm merely stating the fact that you keep bragging about all your possessions that you take for granted. Such as your precious xbox and live account, your ipods or ipads (or whatever is the obsession for the week), your contract samsung galaxy S2 etc. They are all luxury items that me and many of my friends who work 60 or even 70 hours a week can barely afford after mortgage payments and bills etc. With regards to the OP, i was merely suggesting that your open discussions on a public forum about your apparent life of luxury, whilst admitting you do not work to earn a living, could be read by the powers that be and be interpreted as a drain on public funds and noted as an area of society for possible savings. Have you read a book called 1984? A few years ago it may have seemed a bit far fetched, but now....?
  11. If you like trance then check out Off the Rails at Plug. It's every month, nex Friday, it's Super8 & Tab, Lange, Thrillseekers. Alternatively, if you're looking for something a bit harder, there's Tinnitus at DLS. Next friday. Headliners are DJ Producer and Jeff Amadeus will be a heavy night of industrial/gabba techno.
  12. Looks good! Don't think I could play cannon fodder on a joypad though. Just thought, I had a 15'' CRT tv back in the day, I bet the resolution looks awful on an hd tv.
  13. This thread got me thinking about 2 other classic games, sensible world of soccer and cannon fodder. Many days and nights lost due to those
  14. It was definitely the 2nd game. The one with the red Esprit and the yellow Elan. I also had Lotus III which was also good as it could generate random tracks which was amazing back then
  15. This was a classic game! I still have my Amiga 600 in the loft with hundreds of games. Think I will have a go at setting it up some time. I can even remember some of the codes for the levels. Pea soup, Liverpool etc.
  16. Rich, you constantly talk utter tripe, and come across as an immature school boy. For the record, could you clarify why you hate Sony so much?
  17. *awaits a barrage of Viz style 'top tips'*
  18. Me too, also it's a nice surprise when a couple of CD's comes through the post that I ordered in a drunken state, and can't even remember ordering!
  19. Rich, nobody has asked if xbox live works.
  20. From the man with nearly 28,000 posts on an internet forum....
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