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  1. Numbers update as at saturday 21 august - LAST 4 TICKETS!!! Please pm asap if interested...
  2. Numbers update Friday 6 August 2010 - ONLY 8 PLACES LEFT!! Please PM me if you want to book a ticket.
  3. Can anyone remember the Geisha bar on High Street? Used to love Max's Downtown Bar where I first discovered cocktails.
  4. I used to be a waitress at Gangsters - fab laser shows. Happy days.
  5. I've seen of our council estates but not all. All cities have their rough areas. I'm speaking generally but I don't think sheffield is a dump. All down to one's individual perception I suppose. I think Sheffield is a smart city to live in.
  6. I'm thinkin Its been a while since I posted on here with one of my Friday night disco sessions.
  7. Agree that some other cities are ahead of Sheffield in terms of a more buzzing town centre etc, but don't agree at all that Sheffield is a dump. Sheffield may be smaller and quieter but a dump it is not!
  8. Numbers update - 16 July 2010 WE HAVE 28 PLACES LEFT AND ITS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
  9. Hiya Plain Talker Thanks for your details. Just to confirm you're now booked on. Numbers update 3 July 10 - 76 places confirmed.
  10. Numbers update 24 June 2010 - 67 places booked. Still searching for a lot of people, if anyone can help please let me know!
  11. Numbers update 2nd June 2010 - 58 places booked. Plenty of interest with quite a lot on the 'maybe' list pending a decision a bit closer to the time. In the meantime still searching for quite a few people so any info for old school friends during these times would be helpful. Thanks.
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