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  1. Just need to get rid of the last bookies and the pawnbroker, and do something about the vile little scrotes who seem to have occupied the subway and steps leading down from it - pretty intimidating bunch and I bet they aren't shy of violence. An aggressive "Y' lookin' at, fam?" if you catch their eye, as if you've insulted them in some way just by looking. Be interesting to see what's in their pockets. Then there's the corned-beef faced alcoholics outside the Shop and Save on Arundel Gate. Less of a threat than the teen scrotes perhaps but equally unpleasant, and far smellier.
  2. Seen a few deer in the woods at Norton Lees and on Newfield School fields.
  3. I went to Greggs on Angel Street for a vegan sausage roll. They were clearly labelled: £1 to take out, £1.20 to eat in.
  4. According to The Chip Diaries, Codrophenia has closed, which is a shame, as it was a good chippy. http://thechipdiaries.blogspot.com/
  5. I feel far safer here than in Leeds. And I’m from Leeds! The only time I ever feel a threat is the West St/Dev St area on a Friday or Saturday night, or down near Tank or Howard St. - all the drunk Lads and Blokes ready to get aggressive with anyone they don’t like. Most of Leeds is like that but in Sheffield it’s very localised and easy to avoid. Doesn’t stop me going into town though.
  6. He reminded me very much of Contador when he attacked. Chapeau to him.
  7. It's hard to say who the owners re. I own one which I use as an orchard for cider making, but I rent the one next door. It belongs to a woman who lives in Oxfordshire who inherited it from her husband. It had belonged to his father many years ago. I pay her £35 a year for its use but there's no water supply. However, I have a well on my own plot so I get water from there. Several users have just occupied overgrown plots and used them. Those plots are owned by someone, somewhere, but unless the owner turns up and chucks them off, there's nothing to stop them. Some of the overgrown plots do have local owners however, so be unwise to occupy them. When I say 'overgrown' I am talking forest, in some cases. My rented plot was covered in 12 year-old ash trees up to 10" in diameter! Not to mention brambles as thick as broom handles, nettles, bindweed etc.
  8. I live at Norton Lees. Along a lot of the roads here, the old orange sodium street lamps used to be supported on the rather decorative 19th century cast iron gas lamp standards, complete with T-bar for the lamplighter’s ladder. When Andy replaced them all with the new LED street lamps on their plastic poles, all the venerable old standards were taken out, except for the sewer gas lamps. Anyone know what happened to them? I’d imagine their resale value would be considerable.
  9. Watching it at Church in Rutland Road. Interesting beers and the best vegan food in Sheffield!
  10. Yes they are all vegan. ---------- Post added 11-07-2018 at 08:02 ---------- The MNB team now do the food at Church. Lovely stuff.
  11. I ride over there daily but I wait for the change or if it's busy, use the cycle path. If you go through on red you have to stop at the Matilda St lights anyway; the St Mary's lights are timed so if you wait for green there, then ride at a moderate speed on to the Matilda St junction, those lightschangetogreen just as you arrive at the head of the traffic, so you can carry on without stopping. Seems some of my fellow riders haven't worked that out. Riders in both directions have independent cycle traffic lights to indicate when it's safe tocross St Mary's. I think some people take that as meaning carry on through, as long as there's nobody on the crossing. I'm not sure if that's right or not. However you interpret it, you should always stop for pedestrians.
  12. It was lovely cycling to work this morning with no traffic on the roads.
  13. I was disappointed they missed the opportunity to install colour-changing LEDs. Imagine.
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