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  1. no dont bother we can all drive cars no buses no cyclists no pedestrians then no one will get anyplace
  2. thats a good one from what i see most pavements are just car parks anyway
  3. funny that i only ever have problems with cars and they have all passed a test and study the highway code every night
  4. ray worked doing pdi in the sales garage with ces blair and ken dean when i was there kieth croft was the manager tony padget tim ward walt bennet jim scahil ken turner paul belamy tom sollit body stores manager malcom night remember more faces but cant put names to them
  5. if i said what i am thniking i would get kicked off the forum .:loopy::loopy:aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. everything is up for sale trouble is nothing left to sell so why not nothing to hide here unlike some i pay paye the only honest tax payers in the system
  7. how did this get turned into anti cycling thread again oh sorry just seen the username the give aways the first five letters
  8. how is it that cyclist always just miss running over old women old men pregnant women children a woman on crutches thats a new one could not make it up or could you
  9. no we all do not pay tax only employed paying p.a.y.e pay the correct amount of tax on earnings
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