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  1. Another recomendation for BAR investigations. Also good for home security advice, feeling a bit safer in my new home now!
  2. yep, found them. I think I have got the wrong end of the stick, was looking for one in Sheffield that I thought some friends were performing at, but have gotten confused somewhere. Pointless thread, I apologise!
  3. Does anyone know where this is? I have googled it and am getting no - where :-( Any info appreciated, ta x
  4. I have one and think it's fab.. got it for November, easy enough to set up, carry cot kept her snug all winter, and she slept in it better than in basket, so became her bed. Also dead handy for when visiting people. clips in and out easy, as does car seat ( britax one) no complaints there. Chassis - not an issue yet, but it the clip to hold it together when folded isn't as tight now, but it still holds fine. To be fair, it's expected that it will be a bit looser as I have it up and down several times most days... just moved on to buggy part. bought the foot muff to make it a bit cosier, but it comes with apron which isn't bad. LO loves sitting up and looking out, and no complaints so far. ... I live in a first floor flat and find it to be light fpr gping up and down stairs. Great with carry cot and car seat so you don't have to get baby out if sleeping.... now, with the buggy part, not so great, but a couple of times I have unclipped it too and carried her up in it, and she hasn't woken .. no issues with wheels..... overall, I've been very impressed.
  5. Hello.. we were the same, really over whelmed. Like the Graco Evo - but decided against it as the handlebar is not adjustable, and my husband is tall - he said it was fine, but i pointed out, that's in a showroom, not walking about for 3 years. In the end we went for a Babystyle Oyster - roughly same price, britax car seat included, forward and parent facing, narrow, folds up small enough for my little corsa, and the best bit for me, dead light! I live in a first floor flat, so the best bit is that i can split it up - take up the pram or carseat part, and then the chassis - which is nly 6.75 Kg. compared to some of the bulkier models, it's great for us. being using it for 7 weeks now, no complaints. ... Also , we played in mothercare... but bought online from WH Watts... mothercare wouldn't match the price, so sod them! They were very helpful too and gave me an earlier delivery time when i emailed them from hospital needing it a bit earlier, dealt with it within the hour and delivered next day! Hope this is helpful :-)
  6. hi, i went to the aqaunatal at hillsborough - usually had a paddle in the other pool before the class, sometimes it was warmer than others... but not sure if they adjust it for the class times? I'm hoping to start going to King Edwards on tuesdays in the New Year, my daughter is 7 weeks today and i'm keen to get used to water early - she loves the bath so fingers crossed ! Am also interested in what to wear tho - any recomendations on swim nappies etc?
  7. Hi, I organise and cook for BBQ's for The Cobden View garden in Crookes, we are booked for BBQ's most weekend's in the summer but we still have a few slots remaining for august and september... we aim to suit everybody's budget and have done many charity events in the past! If you would like to know any details regarding dates, what's available, testimonials or the pub (it's a local pub with a range of real ales and ciders) , please send me a PM so I can answer or give you my number for a chat !
  8. Could I just ask which helpline you used/ could you post the number please? I'm anticipaiting my boss to not be very co-operative as well... Thanks in advance x
  9. I keep meaning to go...and will. promise! Would rather go to the one at hillsborough at night but can't make it for another 6 weeks... bum, so might have to try to go to the fri one. Let me know if you go and how it is to make me get myself in action!
  10. I live on Cobden View road in crookes. In the last year, I have had my wingmirrors kicked off I think, 4 or 5 times now. Before you think i'm terribly unpopular, I have checked and found that pretty much every car on the street - and i'm talking 30 plus here, has been done - yep, it's pretty much drunken ********s walking home. Mine are fixed , so they don't just flip inwards, they snap off - and have had to replace each time, grrr. I have called the police numerous times, who have been very sympathetivc, even come out, but basically can do bugger all about it..... It;s not nice.....
  11. Cobden View in Crookes has a General Knowledge Bingo Quiz on Tuesdays, from 9.30ish, but get in early to grab a seat! Free to enter, 16 pints and a bottle of wine to win!
  12. Hi... been an idiot and snapped off a bit - em, which is like a headphone jack, except it's connected to a speaker, and the end is stuck inside the laptop... Could anyone please recommend somewhere I could take to get it repaired.... i'm hoping this can be repaired? Thanks in advance! Laura
  13. Looking forward to a FAB evening with Johnny & The Moondogs at the Cobden View Pub in Crookes, this Sautrday (19th Nov) from 10pm ish... Free entry as always, hope you can join us! Cobden View, 40 Cobden View Road, Crookes, s10 1hq, 0114 266 1273
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