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  1. There's nothing in Sheffield Archives. It seems they have moved: Address: 457 Abbeydale Rd, Sheffield S7 1FS Phone:0114 268 6161 You could try approaching them. Say you are writing a history? That's a good idea anyway.
  2. I always meant to photo all the different kinds of coal shute grates. Lost half-crown down Lee the butchers on Hickmott Rd. He said he could't get it back. 🥺
  3. I've had a purse similar to this for years: https://www.gapyeartravelstore.com/deuter-under-clothes-wallet.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAr8bwBRD4ARIsAHa4YyK_n8TlSy9PI0FaGGGL0TjvrSyXm5J0iFMopOyyPhd6-AmxuI0lIXMaAohDEALw_wcB I use it when going to an ATM for cash and my wallet/purse. Granma.
  4. Many years ago there was an Umbrella Repair place in Sheffield. Could these people help? http://www.theumbrellacompany.co.uk/ https://www.cygnus-sails.com/sspage-sail_repairs-umbrellas-umbrella_repairs___cleaning.html
  5. I found this: https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations-and-destinations/stations-made-easy/sheffield It seems there are no lockers. Perhaps you had better go to your accommodation & leave the case there. Granma
  6. It's not you. They are a load of rubbish! 😡
  7. Just had my little one put to sleep. She was ill and not having a good life. It would have been selfish of me to keep her going. Granma.
  8. The only time I've seen a fox & cat together was one morning when, stood the back door, a fox hurtled past me followed by the cat out of hell!!!!!!!
  9. Hopscotch, orange and lemons-- the big girls had the whole lot of us playing it one playtime. Skipping. One potato, two potato, etc. Cat's cradle.
  10. Carver St Wesleyan Church & Sunday Schools Roll of Honour for sale online auction site. Granma.
  11. From Hallam website: https://www.shu.ac.uk/contact-us General Enquiries If you're a prospective student, you can ask us your course and/or study-related questions. For other or general enquiries please phone 0114 225 5555 or email enquiries@shu.ac.uk and your message will be passed to the right place. And keep a diary. Granma.
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