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  1. Is there some sort of discrimination against whites in all African football teams, its a flipping disgrace and I for one am completely offended. I am of course talking about the fact that there are no white players in any of the African teams. If that is not discrimination, then I don't know what is. In all the European teams, there are players of Ethnic origin, and France has a proud example, as 90% of their players are all non white. Even the Asain teams are as bad, one looks at the team list and it will consist of Kim, Soo Boo and Sore-Bum. Does Political Correctness only apply to the Europeans, and surely this anti whites should not be tolerated
  2. Go into the peace gardens now, how many benefit scroungers are enjoying the sunshine ???????? While you work, they enjoy the lovely weather. Benefits need the chop.
  3. Lets cut paternity rights. Lets be right, for one man to (alledgedly) be at home looking after his baby, another man has to do the work (without benefits like holidays) and the boss has to pick up the peaces, and the cost. Lets also cut free bus passes, lets be right how many people on the dole get on a free bus, and then simply go to the pub in town, or sit in the peace gardens enjoying the sun. Loads, and its not on. Come on Cameron, kick ass......
  4. I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking. If they want access to a swimming pool, use a pond. If they want a swimming pool, then up the prices. I might want a porche careera turbo, but its simply not on the cards now is it? hence I drive a Renault Laguna
  5. Lets also be right, yes some swimming pools will shut, so what? I'd rather have a better funded NHS than have an opportunity to swim in a pool with nit laden chavs from Parson Cross. NOt being controvertial, just stating a fact
  6. Hate to say it but this has been a long time in coming. Yes, we have people on benefits, however lets not forget the army of public sector workers who enjoy excellent terms and conditions (not the admin, but the highly paid managers/consultants etc....) We now got to live within our means, and yes we are all in this together. Lets be right, if you were on a plane that was about to crash, you would not say to the pilot "do you have a spare parachute?" because the chances are, if a parachute was available, the pilot would have put the parachute on, and climbed out of the aeroplane windscreen
  7. Everytime someone new comes into our home, our budgie quickly flies back into his cage, and hides his body behind his big wheel toy. He nervously peers at the new people who are in our home. Is he embrassed to be seen in the nude?
  8. Do you think North Korea should Nuke Portugal in revenge? It was quite a humiliation for the people from the land of crackpots. If I was Kim sore bum (or whatever his name is) I'd point the missile at Portugal and press the nuke button.
  9. SO how many people have signed up, and are not going? and now moan they have been ripped off..............I pay but don't go kind of whinge?
  10. NOt a good idea, the wax from your ear ends up floating at the topof the water, a swimmer then accidently swallows your earwax
  11. Don't know how poor people are on the dole, however my non working neighbours are always at the pub. Seems to be plenty of money for the pub
  12. 1) Don't feed your cat for a week 2) After a week, put some cat foot into your ear. 3) the cat will then clean your ear wax for you with its tongue
  13. Are the birds good looking that attend this gym?
  14. In my mind the main problem with car sharing is this......its got nothing to do with someone invading your personal space (ie the car) no The problem lies here....... the people who want lifts are always. 1) Fat 2) Smelly 3) poor social skills 4) Generally men in their 50s with bigotted views 5) Generally men in their 50s who don't brush their teeth/have bad breath 6) People who never shut up, the whole journey. That is the issue.....admit it. Take your work place, lets pretend you are on a training day in Nottingham (or any city). Is it the tasty blonde with short skirts who wants a lift ??????? no, you can vet your life its the boring fart who is in his 50s who will bore you for 2 hours with his obsession with his allotment, and blame blacks for the awful traffic jam on the M1 (the one you are stuck in)
  15. I'm looking after my sisters pet cat, and the cat has come to our home to stay. The Parrot is a free spirit, and appears to be finding himself attracted to the cat. Initially the parrot walks around the cat with a "I'd like to see you having a shower" kind of look and paws the cat with its feet. The parrot then climbs onto the cat and onto the back of its head, and then begins to mate with the back of the cats head. The Parrot holds on with its beak, and as a result is biting the cat. If the cat moves, it gets its ears pecked. How can I stop the parrot from doing this, any ideas?
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