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  1. We live in Foxhill and love it. Plenty of green space, good transport links, a large array of shops (soon to be extended by the opening of an Asda superstore in Parson Cross) and a great community spirit. It had a bad reputation at one time, but the area is on the up and the problems are largely solved.
  2. Is this not something to ask your estate agent and even then how would they know?
  3. Not very close to Longley Lane though. Driving through town at rush hour would make that almost a hours drive. As others have said S6 is a good place to start and then the surrounding areas such as Grenoside, Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe. The north side of Sheffield also tends to be cheaper for rents/purchasing. We live in Foxhill which is S6 but one of the cheaper parts with a good mix of social/council housing as well as private homes ranging from small flats to large detached housing all of which are in close proximity (the top of our road for example) to open countryside but still relatively close (10 minutes drive) to the city centre.
  4. I shall offer the same advice as i do to everyone asking this same question. Go to the area yourself at different times of the day and night. Then make your own desicion, based on what you see. What is fine for one person isnt for the next. For what it is worth we viewed some homes in the area (on the new estate) and really liked them. We just found our ideal home in Foxhill otherwise we would have been happy to live there.
  5. I shall offer the same advice as i do to everyone asking this same question. Go to the area yourself at different times of the day and night. Then make your own desicion, based on what you see. What is fine for one person isnt for the next.
  6. However you cant compare house values 10 years ago with house values today. The value of the pound has also changed. Affordability based on average wage and average house price is a far better indication.
  7. The lack of properties for sale is having a positive effect on prices. Have a drive around and see how many for sale boards you see and how many of these have sold plastered over them.
  8. We live on Powley Road and have had no major problems in the three years we have lived there. In fact we really quite like it. There are far worse areas to live.
  9. Also bear in mind that you will now have to handle the transaction. Estate agents (good ones anyway) engage in a lot of behind the scenes work such as contacing all parties to the contract,chasing up exchange dates etc. You will now be responsible for all of this work as you no longer have a contract with the estate agent.
  10. There is the new park on Broadfield Road as well.
  11. Living in Woodthorpe obviously did wonders for your education. The spelling and grammar on show here is second to none.
  12. A few of the city centre apartment blocks had issues with this when first built. I suggest you talk to the buildings maintanance company and see if your block was one of them. If it is some remedial wors will be necessary to stop the water ingress around the windows.
  13. Lets not go down the route of suggesting ways of scamming the social housing departments. That is truely immoral. Firstly look at can you afford to move out from your parents house, if you can look at why you want to move out. There are plenty of 1 bed flats avaliable to private rent without the need to use up valuable social housing that someone in NEED should be allocated. From the description you have given you have no desperate need to be rehoused just a want. Do the moral thing and leave the social housing to those with a genuine need for it.
  14. We live on the otherside of Foxhill and we like living there. It helps that we have really good neighbours. The area is improving all of the time and a lot of development is due totake place in the area. There are a lot worse areas in Sheffield.
  15. Not necessarily true. Like all housing associations they are also seriously stretched.
  16. Yet another misconception of Sheffield Council housing. Has it occured to you that more people than ever are bidding to live in council managed properties? You are in the lucky position to live in a council home that some would love to be given the oppurtunity to live in. If you dont like it you can move out and try private renting or buying a home. Give someone else the chance of a property they may well desperately need and cherish.
  17. I take it you include Low Edges there then?
  18. In the 7 years that we lived there i can honestly say we never had vomit, chips or beer bottles left on our doorstep. Our house was set back from the road with a forecourt to the front. We lived far enough from the pubs (about bang in the middle from either the broadfield and the millhouses) that drunks where not an issue. Traffic noise was an issue at first but we soon got used to that. The traffic never stops, but you pretty quickly use the traffic noise to gauge the time of day/night. I am as we speak sat in my office in Nether Edge looking out of the window and can see no problems at all. Nice green suburb with grand old buildings. Hardly seen anybody walk past all day.
  19. On what basis. It may not be the smartest district in Sheffield but it is a nice and safe place to live. Everything on your doorstep.
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