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  1. Thanks guys for your advice about jam sugar. Unfortunately the fruit is already mixed up with the right amount of sugar - I just went to my cupboard for the pectin and found I didn't have enough
  2. I'm making jam and have just one small sachet of Tate n Lyles powdered pectin left from last year. It's perfect for what I want but Waitrose have stopped selling it this year, Tesco don't stock it (only the bottled juice version with all sorts of other stuff in as well - which is not what I want), Netto's almost empty (closing down), and then I gave up trawling around. I need more of this stuff - anyone got any ideas where I could buy it? Would be very grateful - a jar of blackcurrant jam grateful in fact.
  3. I want to teach my 8 year old daughter to snorkel. She can swim very well already. I've asked all the big swimming pools in Sheff but they don't allow masks and snorkels to be used in the pools. Anyone know a pool (here in Sheff or South Yorkshire/ Derbyshire) that would allow a kid (under my supervision) to practice snorkelling?
  4. I have my dad's old tenon saw which needs sharpening and probably re-setting. Drawn a blank on where to get this done - anyone know a place or person who could do this?
  5. In Oct I have a work trip to Austin Texas. I need my laptop and want to connect to the internet - just the same as here - wireless or LAN connector - doesn't matter. Anyone know of any obvious issues I might meet that mean I'll have problems? I'm thinking mainly of settings on Windows Live Mail that might mean I can't access my email server here in UK as I've had probs sometimes in other countries. Cheers for any helpful advice.
  6. they won't harm you if you just leave them and stay a 2 or 3 yards away when clearing your garden. They'll overwinter using the honey they're storing now and next May swarm two or three times and probably move on. They may even swarm in July though more unlikely as the month goes on. The swarms aren't harmful either though they look scary - well obviously don't go messing with the swarm. But when they swarm is the only time you can remove them without disrupting their home. contact http://www.sheffield-honey.co.uk and a bloke will come and take the swarm away.
  7. There's no apostrophe in "forums". You alluded directly to your own mistake. Brilliant
  8. We have a swarm, easy to access, in Sharrow area, just settled on a low tree in our garden. If you want them (you'll need a hive or nuc ready) pm me. Obviously they won't be there all day but the last lot hung around for a couple of hours before they found their own new home.
  9. Gabby, This made me chuckle. Soooooo spot on.
  10. Gabby, This made me chuckle .... soooooo spot on.
  11. My 7 year old daughter wants to learn to play an instrument. She's not really fussed about what she wants to learn so I reckon the quality of the teacher would be the most important factor to keep her interest going. Anyone know of an inspiring musical instrument teacher looking for another pupil? I'd be delighted to hear about them
  12. ta Garlicmunch - the funeral is in Sussex but several folk have very kindly, and amazingly quicky, given me several ways of accessing it. Roger emailed m ethe track as an mps and it plays ok
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