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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions - will go on a hunt today! (I've checked with the Lizard Lounge and they don't have any in atm) Pretty spider phobic though, so could be a tense day!
  2. Just dunk the insect in marmite - same thing!
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy a praying mantis and tank/food etc in Sheffield? Preferrably around the S6 area!
  4. LOVE this place! Their vegetarian options are fantastic - the boscaiola sauce is to die for! And there's ample choice for the carnivores too! I have been having takeaways as often as the waistline allows for the last 2 years and it's always been delicious and the customer service is just amazing! And no, I don't know the owners - just a very satisfied customer!
  5. I wasn't actually driving...it was my MALE friend. Shall we get race involved as well I don't know how this forum carries on sometimes - the number of trolls seem to outweigh the reasonable people half the time My concern comes from the fact that as I was on the side that he stopped at, and he was gesturing directly at me - I personally found it very intimidating and had I been a lone female driver I'd have pooed myself!! I don't want any other person to feel like that - woman OR man!
  6. Is there anyway of reporting someone for dangerous driving and threatening behaviour on the road? This nasty man aggressively pulled off the roundabout almost into our car next to the petrol station at M'hall about 2:30 pm yesterday, then cut up a bus in the next lane. I'd have let this go, but it was heavy traffic and as he was stopped in the lane next to us, he wound down his window and made gestures and swore at us, even after his light turned green he remained stationary - we were genuinely concerned that he was going to get out of the car as he was making 'come on then' signs. Fortunately he decided against it as we were staying well put in our car, and he sped off waving two fingers out of his window. Is there anything at all that can be done to teach him that this sort of behaviour is unnecessary and uncivilised?!
  7. There has been an alarm going off - on and off - for the last few days and it's driving me CRAZY! What's the best thing to do?
  8. Out of interest what did you get from there? I've enjoyed everything I've ever had from there!
  9. Oooo what're the purple ones for? Mine are neon pink and neon green!
  10. Do you mean each wristband gets in 2 people?!
  11. But they won't stay full capacity for long...there're always people coming and going!
  12. You've just made me even happier! :love: :love:
  13. Also lolypops, do you know where they guarantee you entry? Is it everywhere?
  14. Ummm, I'm not entirely sure! I think maybe, but even if not it's a one in one out system so you could just be at the front of the queue! In any case it's better than having to wait at the back of the queue. All you grizzlebots are not going to dampen my excitement =P I'll see you there lolypops =D
  15. I won a competition for guaranteed access wristbands =D
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