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  1. im going now as i really am annoyed at what i have read she took you all for idiots and you swallowed it
  2. listen i aint nasty !i no this person and her family and friends i am stating the truth and minnimee will admit that if she as honest as you believe.also ask original as i no who they both are and so called original no im speaking the truth as well their kids made my childs life hell and mine then to come on here and read all this is untrue i will stand by what i have said attention seeking that what it is minnimee has a great husband who does everything while she fakes illness to get in hospital god some people wind me up
  3. OMG what are you lot like? minniemee is a attention seeking physco can not believe i have missed so much while been on holiday.please dont fall for it everyone around nos this pretend suicide attacks,illness,total martyr even her own children cant cope with her she proper sucked you lot in and i dont like that as your good people please dont play up to her you be sorry
  4. ERM yes usually your kids with the noise isnt it
  5. sad really sad i worked at school with mr williams and everyone respected him i cant believe he has gone r i p x x x very true a real gent the school wont be the same
  6. i agree the meals are shocking but you complain and nothing gets done over it they are at you if money isnt paid for the meal i think ita about time parents was allowed to sit in school at lunch and see what the meal there child is meant to eat we all want healthy but are they really getting it also like stated they have to eat what they are given before every one jumps im not racist but the asians dont have to and like i stated before i no as i have worked on dinners in schools (comp may i add)
  7. i asked a simple question which i see you didnt reply to nice to see that people of gleadless have a humerous side to their nature
  9. i take this was a joke over burgulary ? then again not you really original but we all no one member as admitted her son is a problem and that he out of control you and valley seem to be defending this so it looks like you agree with the way the child behaves in school
  10. school meals provided by service team are shocking im a dinner lady and i see what the pupils are given honest i wouldnt let mine eat them
  11. SUPRISE SUPRISE !!!!!!!!thought this was normal behavoir for youths on this estate no wonder the police arrived like they did.bet parents was sat inside the pub and probably gave kids the lighter to do it
  12. sad sad sad and you ask where the children get it from
  13. sorry but how can you have a go at foul mouth language when you post this
  14. i got my suit of armour on it is crazy though isnt it i managed to stop my child going the wrong way and away from the gang it was really hard and i felt i was betraying him but as a parent i felt it was my place to show him what is right and wrong i handed him to the police for stealing a pound from me i sat in school with him and in the end it worked now he is at college doing great so it can be done if the parent can be bothered
  15. oh yes we have had it over nuisance youths,graffitti,schools,and all the little angels dont do a thing wrong they picked on and the parents cant watch them 24/7 it really gets my back up
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