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  1. If someone stopped coming on sf for whatever reason Who would it be for you to miss . Mine is B1 even though we do not see eye to eye its so quiet without her here
  2. As that been said some how i dont think so !!! thought it said had been moved off open fields were they was playing and who as asked for things free apart from help is that so wrong what are council taxes paid for ? The newfield tenants hall fine for tea dances,bingo night etc why not rent it to zebra and them to run a youth club ? WITH THEIR OWN FUNDS. :rant:
  3. Yes i can back this up !!! Am i mistaken but didnt you take the youths for a game of rounders on a open field on overend not so long ago ? Didnt the police get called and 3 police cars came to you all ? 6 Adults and 8 children 3 police cars and you was told to move,But yet a youth was all over the pathway on a mini motto no helmet what done NOTHING
  4. God you must have changed your life 100per cent from the person i knew and how you grew up with your brother
  5. dick dastardly not real he a fake
  6. no just 2 things that wind me up why cant people be who they are
  7. God it infuruates me certain people on here leading people on pretending to be someone they are not is this the only way they can get their kicks ? Really are sad.How many have you have had the experiance of these false sad people
  8. Just sat reading some posts and why do people forget where they come from and what they was like as children ? It really winds me up how many of you actually remember your roots
  9. you and your family was so perfect wasnt they (not) how can you say the things you say knowing that
  10. me original and b1 was thinking about going on the next meet BUT b1 is banned(again) so can she go on the meet or not?
  11. Im not sure to be honest !!!! what annoyed me is we was supervising the kids so they wasnt roaming streets causing chaos still not good enough i do no 1 officer said some people round here are terminally ill !!!!! But i also no the house were the woman bellowed from there is no 1 ill there
  12. Can lick alot but not my elbow lol
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