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  1. i need help getting my daughters laptop fixed,when its been on 15 min the screen goes green and wont work,been told it overheating any ideas were to take it
  2. Why is it always drink drugs joyriders no insurance ? Yes a terriable accident but cant judge without knowing facts
  3. it xp tryed safe mode etc, just keeps booting up blue screen then off again
  4. 0x0190203 code i getting stop 0x00000004
  5. our laptop starts up ok then when the windows screen goes off we are getting a blue screen saying error.Before we can read the error it turns of and starts up again any ideas please
  6. it is they have all took in photos, acted out kiss catch and spoke of the friends they made the high n low points of primary then all join together at the end to sing a song, cant wait to see it but prob be a few tears to lo
  7. yes the y6 at my daughters school are having a awards/disco night tommorow they have also made a dvd with memories and photos from reception to y6 all pupils will recieve a copy along with a leaving certificate and a small item for them to keep,they have also had cinema trip crucial crew and afternoons out, so they have had quite a few things
  8. when my laptop been on a while the screen goes all coloured i have to take battery out to restart, but it is very hot all time any ideas or how much it cost to fix
  9. Caravan wanted for weekend fri till mon anywere considered
  10. I Work at the School and also have children there,and looking at all this i personally think it getting out of hand,and totally going off the issue of drinks in school.....
  11. me 2, my child also has done very well and it is down to certain teachers/n assistants who have stood strong, but why is it badly managed ?
  12. You are speaking over a few mindless kids,on the whole newfield is getting better and as for you comments on Bankwood if your kids dont go there then how do you no how a school runs,
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