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  1. think known as s14 cru and the names that are always their are ads,ste,ricky dont no if you are aware of ny of this it really gets my back up
  2. gleadless the parents are aware of the graffiti but cant be doing anything as this is fresh writing
  3. im really annoyed !!! why cant parents take control of their children and see what they are doing is wrong and illegal.just been to visit my parents and i took the dog for a walk the garages have been vandalised yet again with tags,youths all over the woods drinking and smoking.1 child told me ****off and stop staring the parents must no what these youths are doing why dont they stop them from damaging propety and been so rude and vulgar or am i just another moaning git ?
  4. been looking into this gangs/piczo websites and it seems to me you represent your postcode these days.this is why around my parents it is sprayed s14 boyz s14 cru.then down heeley we have s2 etc etc each gang fight to see who has the worst repping them was also told if 1 of these gangs do something to be noticed then another gang goes 1 better the police should get these piczo sites and then they have the leaders
  5. hard 1 this ! i like to think im kind and loving but have to admit i tryed hardening up due to been took for a fool in previous relationships. who no next time round i might find my soul partner cant all be bad uncaring folk
  6. been following this thread.i myself have alot of trouble with youths on overend but i admit they are not the local lads !i also witness the youths on the bikes as well as there parents and never see them without a parent when they have there bikes(usually day time)i think in a way i have to credit them for staying and supervising them also the area of woodland they use is very deserted you wouldnt find people walking around in that part of the wood.we all suffer through youths and i have had arguments with a few forumers over their child on here but i have to admit when they are been slandered when these parents are at least trying
  7. here here !!!! a few week ago i mentioned youths trashing garages near my familys all i got was abuse and that they was bored and the kids are still at it to this day ring the cops and your in danger of the parents and your windows or car been damaged so to me the parents condone the behavoir and allow it to continue the discipline been just put windows through wont grass on you again.
  8. yes she did i was involved in the same thread but i must agree why didnt this mum try to stop the son instead of joining in now newspaper headlines simply can not understand it
  9. no i said i may be wrong and did state it wasnt one of the usual youths i see around he may have been trying to sell the bike to them i never accused your son did i yes i did mean gleadless valley near the garages on overend close but as i sytated may not be the same 1
  10. might be wrong here but worth a try im quiet sure your quad resembles 1 a gang of youths are riding around on were my parents live it was monday night i saw them in and out of the wood
  11. yes shedid you are right if i am weird for caring for my parents against these yobs then so be it seems i no were your son is more than you your problem minnimee is you can not take resposibilty for your son so how do you expect him to take responsibility either it seems to me your more interested in sitting on threads trying to pretend to be a good parent you brought them into the world you are resposiable for them but with the threads i have read from you seems to me your quite childish yourself it is my suggestion you need to take a long hard look at your life and get it in order before you go accusing upstanding caring people of the community who pay taxes to keep people like you and the damage your child causes
  12. sorry i apologise then but did you remove him or did the school ?
  13. here we go again your child is one of the main problems this school as of course when he is there so how can you say the things you are about it is your other children doing well up there ? you go on alot ot threds agreeing with things when at the root your son is there you get my mind working overtime just take control of him then phraps we wouldnt have as many threads concerning this area and the schools around it wise up and act the parent please please please we be getting soon it isnt the parents fault
  14. these are in use where my parents live it doesant help as they are scared of the gangs that are hanging round they get abused stones pelted at the vans it shocking last week they patrolled in 2 vans parked up then went on foot to the area were the youths was they soon run off wasnt so clever then
  15. shame he didnt do it when was vandalising every were work to much discipline more like easier to walk streets and damage things than go to work what a shame poor little lad
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