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  1. Hmmmm probably to get people ranting at me again!!!!
  2. i found another chav site http://www.scallyscum.co.uk dont kno if its any good but worth a look at!!!!
  3. Or reight m8 what tha bin up2 den!!!!!! sheffield what a place eh!!!!!
  4. Thanks Max. Yea i wasnt but as its my last day on any way i dont see why not. hx
  5. Ha Ha mine was Girl- Candice Keely Boy- Keanu Gary My boyfriends was girl- Crystal Candice boy- Brooklyn Storm so because i love all the names so much ill think we will have all 4 LOL!!!!
  6. As id explained about its acceptable for 14 year olds to have sex and marry older men i just assumed that as it was in the same paragraph it was meant the same asin as they find it acceptable to accuse women of a crime that wasnt there fault. It just puts me about that they may think we live by these nasty ways.
  7. Rite for starters im not a him im female. And yes il clarify what i meant about the "rape" statement. I didnt mean these women asked for it what i meant was if a woman gets raped or assulted and it went to court it would be seen as if she was the guilty one for perhaps "wearing lipstic" or "having a nice dress on" inother words as if she seduced (sorry about spellings here) him. I know its sad and a bad bad way to go about it but its true as our RE teacher at school was indian and she spoke about this as it happens all the time in Eastern places. Iv now realised i phrased it wrong and i understand a little why you all flipped.
  8. I wasnt sayin treat asylam seekers harshly because..... its just as per usual on this forum everything gets taken over board!!!!!
  9. erm...... Thuesday (i think) also in the Pheasant on the lane top. Nice one Jon
  10. Of course id not seen him before and of course in some cases you can identify their nationality like the guy on here who made some somalian lads move for a lady so sit down on the bus did any one slag him off for assuming they were somalian!!!!
  11. to say this is an open forum and people put on their opinions whats the point in starting a post if all your gonna do is slag off what other people think and what other people see. And ill tell you what i find so amaizing is as much as this post in about asylam seekers the english are the only people i know who want to slag off and debate about other peoples views untill its a mass argument i give all the nations in the world credit for not doing that!!!!!! Its my Point of view if it isnt yours then fair enough but do i slag off your points of view that possibly i dont agree with?
  12. oh and i wasnt slagging of how there cultur is if they marry at 14 and have kids and stuff then thats their option. But i wouldnt like to think of it becoming the norm here 2. i mean you just dont stand and gope at women and sing to random people all day. Im sorry if my 1st post got peoples backs up but im not casting much opinion just what i see every nite!!!
  13. oh BTW i had and have no intentions in turning the post in to one of sexual assult im sorry if this is what it seemed it was just what i have witnessed!!
  14. Well nosierosie, i live near firth park and we were walkin home from a working mans club at around 11pm and this somalian lad who know hardly any english at all walked up to my dad who is 5 ft 6 and doesnt look threaterning to any one and pulled out a knife for no apparent reason if it wasnt for my boyfriend being a big hefty bloke i think he would have stabbed him so i told the guy we had not done anything and to leave and he walked of shouting the only aparent english he knew " stupid white bitch" now would you feel safe letting your children out to that. I know you cant judge by one person but when i walk past the peice gardens and get slimy love songs sung at me rather threaterning its awfull!!!!!!
  15. I understand what your saying nosierose about them fleeing their country to avoin violence. However where will we flee to avoid the voilence that is braught to our country its not THAT bad at the minute but in years time when i have children i wont let my kids go in to town on their own or anything. Everyday i pass the peice gardens and see large groups of asylam seekers eyeing up every passing woman & girl and i also commonly see 13 and 14 year old girls flocking round these men thinking its cool to be with older men but what these men dont realise is they can have sex with children and marry children in their country and culture but they cant here!!! I would personally feel safer walking through a bunch of rowdy football hooligans at mid night that i would a group of asylam seekers at 9. Rape is the womans fault in their country this also scares me.
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