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  1. buy one on tmobile next time lol xxx
  2. think if it were there kids that had a disabilitie then it would be different, having one arm does,nt stop someone from working on tv, welldone tothem
  3. if you were to eat in a local cafe and you had a choice of very healthy food like smoothies and weight watches bread nothing fried or fatty, or would you choose a greasy cafe?
  4. what i load of rubbish how many drivers do you know that carry documents about with them becuase they can get stolen by the scum and used as identity theft get real!!!!!!!!!!! i agree fully with the police, but the go on about all the powers they have to inpound cars but they dont have the powers to check that the innocent drivers like me that has a clean licence and has so for the 13 years that i have been driving , i have never been pulled!!
  5. i got pulled on saturday becuase they said that i had no insurance but i have, he were going to inpound my car becuase he couldnt check with my insurance on a sat, so who would have to pay to get it out then when i have done the right thing by insuring the car its not my fault the police dont have the powers to call the insurance company on a sat!
  6. Hi im sure if you called the police they would come out good luck
  7. i ordered 2 from 2 different places so i knew i were getting one for definate
  8. if you are still wanting one i have one you can give me what i paid from argos its brand new in box
  9. a few people on here should get a sense of humour and think about other people
  10. thats funny cus they dont they get a lot more than the minimum wage you should try it im sure it pays more than being a full time loser
  11. im glad you can all make a joke of it, what about the people that were involved hope you in that situation one day that will be a laugh
  12. i hope so at least we are safe tonight knowing that they will be very ill
  13. 5 men robbed mcdonalds cortonwood last night,nobody got hurt tho thank god
  14. i know someone who works on the bins and he said if you dont report it they dont do anything and they keep it quiet,but if you do they will sort it no problem
  15. my dad walt atkin went to burngreave school around that time
  16. david egan is my cousin his mum and dad is cliff and mary
  17. does anyone know sarah barlow she will be around 30 now i went to school with her and she is trying to contact me, she last lived at the manor and has a sister called donna and a bother called reg
  18. thank you i will have a look on the net, do you know the name of the breeder?
  19. does anyone know of any french bulldog breeders and what do they cost
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