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  1. There are no council estates within close proximity to Ranmoor, Whirlow, Broomhill (don't quote me on the latter one) etc In fact Dore is one of the few predominantly affluent areas that does have an estate
  2. That house was on the market in early 2003 when we started looking in this area, it was on for exactly one million. Bad idea all we need is an Ivy Park Court clad in stone
  3. This isn't the first time you've implied that buying sex is the best option- Remember, Jamie, your own choices do not relate to others. Not everyone pays for sex.
  4. Thing is Jamie, You said 'all' women expect payment for sex- that is totally a sweeping statement, based on no facts whatsoever, and whether or not prostitutes choose that industry (or don't choose in some cases) that is irrelevant. So you're saying you would have to pay for sex from a member of the general public? Or more to the point, they would expect payment? Your experiences with people are not always consistent with others- i.e. just because you may choose to 'pay' for these acts it doesn't mean that women, or men, expect to be paid for it in general.
  5. Aha!! A Forumer with superb taste!! Sheffield's finest indeed. I don't believe they went downhill after Pyromania, they just changed their musical genre, creating a more polished sound to appeal to a more widespread, mainstream audience and as a result their music became more commercial. *sigh* Joe still looks good after all these years. Incredibly friendly and down to earth also. If you think their music isn't as raw and NWOBHM as it used to be, check out one of their live shows- I've seen them 10 times and on their last tour they played the first half of the High 'N' Dry album. Class!! :thumbsup:
  6. If you were unfortunate enough to have to travel coaches on a regular basis you would realise that they put toilets on all of them nowadays, travellers abuse this toilet- I believe there are just some things you should not do on public transport and you just got unlucky being behind a toilet. How bad was the smell by the way? I heard your nervous breakdown on air when I was in the shower. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  7. How insulting and degrading!! So you're saying that women expect to be paid for sex- therefore you are stating in turn that women are merely objects? Perhaps this shows your complete and utter lack of knowledge of the female form. Get your facts straight before you post something so subjective and rude.
  8. Nick What was up with last night? The coach and the dump(s) story?
  9. I'm an Aries and I always wind up with fellow Aries and Leos. Long live fire signs... :clap: :clap:
  10. Greetings Forumers The time has come to cast your vote for what you reckon is the greatest Forum alias, and why? Discuss.
  11. Doh...I knew I was forgetting something!! In the words of Saturday Night Live (filmed in New York of course) Stink.
  12. Tonight I am intrigued to know what everyone's favourite tunes about New York are. Could be just the slightest mention of the city, or a whole song devoted to the world's finest. :D I shall start thee off. (In no particular order...) KISS- Back In The New York Groove Billy Joel- Why Should I Worry American Tail Sdtrk- There are no cats in America Jon Bon Jovi- Midnight in Chelsea (although written about the London Chelsea the video was filmed in the NYC Chelsea ) U2- Angel of Harlem David Bowie- New Killer Star Discuss.
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