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  1. people need to get a fckin grip!! if an old lady wanted to smoke and it was torrential rain outstide the pub would u make her stand outside? pathetic non smoker opinions lol
  2. me may21st thats the cusp netween gemini and taurus:D
  3. LOL I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS !!!! all the lil nova boys lol me n my m8's used go down in 2 litre cars and chase 'em all over pmsl yeh i remember l0l
  4. chris hopkinson is the best tattoer in sheff he was working in partnership with pete wild ( the biker who died) trust me there is no picture this guy cannot do
  5. YES MAN EXCELLENT REPLIES PEOPLE see this right here is what makes sheff shine i got barred from here for abit but just read mah thread and well .... big urselves up people we need a party lol
  6. i live on parson cross and have done for 24 years although i have seen many terrible things i am also aware that if i had lived somewhere else all my life i would not be the man i am today my estate is the same as everywhere else its what u make of it that matters
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