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  1. You only LEGALLY NEED the CBT if you have moped entitlement and got your full uk driving license before I think 2001. Before then, it's just a recommendation to get a CBT. If he got his liscence after this, he is RIDING ILLEGALLY if he's not done a CBT.
  2. Thank you for all your kind words. We weren't planning on telling anyone just yet. We were hoping for things to die down, and maybe tell people in 2-3 months' time. This sounds like the right thing to do in these circumstances. I feel a lot better now
  3. You may remember an earlier thread of mine where I talked about comforting a good friend of mine after his wife died just under 2 months ago. After seperating from her about 2-3 weeks before her death, he came to live with me temporarily until the seperation came to its conclusion. Basically we've fallen for each other, after he poured out a lot of his feelings to me over this, about a week or so after her death, saying that he loved me, and had done since we first met (I was with my ex at that time), and I told him that I had felt the same in recent months, but didn't want to mention how I felt towards him while he was still dealing with her death. We have been extremely close friends for nearly a year, having met at work, and I've never met anyone so close in terms of how I act, and what I like. We are so happy together, but typically this things can't control how they happen, and it's happened at a rather awkward time. As far as he's concerned, he was not in his love with his wife up to a year or two before her death, and his family and some friends knew there were 'problems'. The main worry I'm having is a) when is the best time to tell people we are together and b) how are people going to react? Bascially, I'd like some truthful, (but polite please), thoughts on when will be the 'best' time to tell firstly our friends, then our families (our families don't talk to our friends, so they're 2 mutually exclusive groups). Also, I know we're going to be up against a lot of people who are going to think it's inappropriate etc - has anyone else had to deal with this?
  4. It'd be perfectly possibly if the tins were see-through
  5. It depends if you signed the contract together, or if you have a contract per room in the house. If you signed a contract specifying you pay X for your room, plus use of communal facilities, you should be ok, and the landlord will need to find a new tenant, or he may hike your rent up. If you signed together, you are jointly responsible for not breaking the rules.
  6. Hmmm... a bit blunt, but I see your point. Incidentally we have an 18 year age gap, but are mentally extremely alike, hence why we get on so well. On a nicer note, i managed to make him smile tonight - it made me feel so happy to see him do that - I'd only had tears yesterday He's doing really well, all things considering - I think it's the practical stuff he's having to sort that's distracting him. I just worry when all the admin is done, and the real grief comes pouring out
  7. Thankyou for all your kind comments and suggestions. I think he might be stopping with me now for a while, as the house has 'bad memories' he says I don't think he wants to stop somewhere without anyone nearby
  8. I managed to get to see him yesterday - the strange thing is I'm more upset for him than he seems to be - I think he's still in shock
  9. (Fortunately?) he doesn't have children - his wife had serious long-term medical problems, and he was having to care for both his wife and father-in-law. I am so worried for him as not only with having to cope with losing his wife (even though their relationship was over), he now has to not only deal with all the practical stuff (funeral, the house, pets etc) but also now he will have to arrange for care for his father-in-law, as he works full time. The strange thing is, all this probably hasn't arisen to him yet, and I'm worrying about all this on his behalf...
  10. A very close friend of mine recently split with his wife of some years, and I've let him have my spare room so far for a few days while he underwent a 'trial seperation'. His wife went away on holiday to 'clear her head' and I've just had the awful news from him that she was found dead in her hotel room, causes unknown. It's strongly likely she committed suicide, as she was on some strong painkillers for medical problems. I really don't know what to say to him - he's obviously distraught, blaming himself etc (he instigated the split). What can I do or say to help? I feel so helpless and want to DO something. Does anyone know of any online help/support out there, or has anyone been through anything similar?
  11. Why not get a safe deposit box? You can buy fake hollowed out books that work as these. The cost of installing a yale lock, and cutting keys will be at least £80-100 I would have thought though, due to labour. I did the exact same thing in my student tenancy, but got around it but telling my landlord that my insurance company insisted on it for me to take the tenancy - he said ok as it got money in his pocket, but now your daughter is signed up, I can see him being reluctant to budge now he has her money. What exactly was stolen?
  12. PSML! This is too easy! What about if I want 2 toppings but on 2 pizzas? Do I pay £1?
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