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  1. we really enjoyed our self at deerlands home and would like to come back sometime would like to thanks all the staff for there help and to all the people we spoke to thanks for the time they give us and to all our friends we made tell then we will come and see then
  2. bushbaby your storys are great but would like a name to the storys o even a e mail adress if not we would have to call you bushbaby
  3. anything about parson cross in the pass l dont mind what you telll
  4. hello lwas wondering if l could use some of these storys for when we go into the old peoples home as you know l belong to parson cross history group
  5. sorry for not reply so long loved all the story would like to thanks ever body and if you know some more please post then
  6. can you rember the weather being really bad would love to here your storys for our history group
  7. l live in parson cross now and loooking for people who lived here and went to school here as im in a local history group and we would like people to tell us they story as how parson cross used to be so we can make a memory box to take around the local schools and the old people homes in sheffield
  8. hello l live in parson cross and in a history group would love to here from people who used to live here and have storys about the way parson cross was
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