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  1. I don't know if I do though, but by getting in touch them, it shows that my mum is in touch with me, and what annoys me is that they're not even trying to contact me at my current address, and instead, knowing I'm not there, they're writing to me there.
  2. I agree, the address they use is irrelevant if I owe them money, but by getting in touch with them that shows that I know about the letters. If I can avoid paying it back that would be nice, but I don't want to go to court. So, if they have been told in writing that I don't live there and to stop sending letters to that address, which they have, can they persist in trying to contact me there? If they can, but still have no joy, would the debt management company contact me first to try and reach a resolution before going to court? Or, if they can't, what are their options? As I said, this has been going on since 2009 now, so surely they would have referred it on by now. They even say in the most recent letter that they would prefer not to progress it to a legal solution, so I'm wondering if it's a bluff, and where they and I stand......
  3. It was that lobg ago, I honestly can't remember, however it's definitely genuine from them, I've checked the contact details online etc. I will ask them to provide proof before I agree to anything, however I feel that having told them I don't live there, they are still pursuing me, which I would liken to harrassment. Think I might get in touch with Citizen's Advice, and see what they think.....the thing is, my mum's wasn't my last known address to them, I wasn't even living there when I joined the employer. They're just trying to get hold of me through my mum, as they understand she is a relative of mine.......is this legal?
  4. Well they're a government company, but as I said, the length of time this has been going on, you'd think they'd give it up! It;s definitely a stroppier letter this time, but I don't know whether to contact them, agree a reduced some over a number of months, and get it over and done with, or call their bluff. How can they "progress this matter towards a legal solution", when they don't even have my correct details? I wouldn't say that this was a reasonable attempt to recover the "debt", especially after not even saying what it is or when it ocurred.
  5. I can only assume it's too much pay in my salary, about £950 they have stated, but they haven't actually said what the overpayment is or when it was made, just that it's an overpayment and it's owed. You'd have thought they'd have just done a search and found where I'm living, and if they'd bet bothered to write to me at the correct address, I wouldn't be as defensive about it. However, it took them 3 years to get in touch with me in the first place, mym mum's told them I don't live there, yet they still persist. It's all this that makes me wonder how serious they are about pursuing it, especially now they're saying they'll accept a lower offer.
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have been receiving letters from a previous employer, at my mum's address, where I haven't lived for 11 years now, claiming that they have overpaid me 5 years ago. Can someone tell me if they're entitled to do this so long after I left their employment? In addition, it's not even been sent to my correct address, so how can they legally uphold their position? The letters have been coming since 2009, and they have even written directly to my mum trying to get her to contact me. The latest letter states that they will accept a lower amount, and a repayment plan if I contact them, or they will pass it onto debt recovery. The thing is, they have written to me at an address I haven't been at in years and wasn't there when I left, they haven't detailed what the overpayment was, and since it's been going on for so long now, surely they would have passed it onto debt collection before now? Can they legally do this without trying to contact me at my correct address first? It's a government agency. Thanks
  7. Yes Ms Macbeth, that's the kind of stuff, thanks. I also thought of "Get Happy" by Judy Garland (also covered by Zoe Birkett)
  8. Thanks for (most of) the suggestions so far I am very tempted by the Wombles suggestion Any more?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to come up with a few up beat songs for a competition I'm in, and need a few ideas. Something from a musical will be fine, mezzo soprano range, and for a female. It can be a pop song, but preferably something a bit older (pre-90's), and well known. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your responses, was hoping they'd generally be positive
  11. Not including the current issues surrounding the pay review :\, could anyone tell me what it's like working for Sheffield City Council. Does it vary depending on what grade you're on? Thanks:)
  12. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have received a letter from a previous employer, at my mum's address, where I haven't lived for 8 years, claiming that they have overpaid me over 3 years ago, of 1 month's salary. Should this be verified and I have to pay it back, I'm not concerned as I can put together a repayment plan with them. However, can someone tell me if they're entitled to do this so long after I left their employment? In addition, it's not even been sent to my correct address. Thanks:)
  13. I used to get them all the time during my teens, then I only had about 1 a year, then they started increasing quite a lot, had one 3 days in a row at one point (though I was jet lagged which won't have helped), and having changed from the combined pill to the mini-pill, I've not had one in 4 years, so that might have something to do with it (assuming you're female!!!) My triggers were mainly sunlight, chocolate, sausages, cheese and orange juice/oranges. What I found helped loads was Migraleve. There's pink tablets and yellow ones. You take 2 pink ones when you first notice the symptoms (I too had patchy eyes, numb mouth, tongue and hands, coupled with throwing up!), and then th yellow ones are really extra strong painkillers and you can only get both from the pharmacist. I found that if I took the pink one straight away, I was fairly normal. My head was still a bit fuzzy and tender, and I was still pretty tired, but I could get on with more things rather than lay in a dark room thinking it would never end! Hope this helps!
  14. Hi, hope someone can help.... My Fabia is 9 years old, though I've only had it 2, and generally it's been a great car, only a few niggly things that will happen to anything that's getting on a bit. Anyway, recently, the power steering light came on, and intermittently it fails on me. This is usually when I'm reversing into a space, and subsequently pulling out of it. When I do this, there's a very audible "clunk" noise, almost as thogh a flexible piece of metal is pinging off something. I've had the wiring checked, and they're said it's not that, but it might be the steering column. I've not had time to take it back yet to see if it is that, but before I do I was hoping that someone might be able to help me figure out what it might be. I thought that if it was the column that it would make a "grating" kind of noise????
  15. And that's what I was saying wasn't acceptable - cut ins etc. Surely though to under/overtake, you have to do it at some speed in order to get past? Those that weave in an out of traffic on that stretch shouldn't do it by cutting people up, but that said, there are plenty of people on the road that drive at a snail's pace, who equally should be a consideration for refresher lessons.
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