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  1. Hi .have a look on here maybe some info. http://fightback.boards.net/
  2. have a look on here oldtrout plenty of information and help http://fightback.boards.net/
  3. last post was 2008 on this from dunreet peter ;o( I used to live next door to the church Newton Terrace and my grandad was caretaker in the 60's would love to see some photos of the church people have taken at weddings to see if they got our house in lol
  4. I would like to recommend Sam Lovett of dearne plumbing he came as promied and fixed the water problem in the loft there and then thanks Sam I now have your number in my phone book for future refference;o) cheryl on wordsworth ave
  5. from carbrook,attercliffe, bottom of broughton lane bus no 2/59 to hatfield house lane school, used to get the 10 passed 8 bus
  6. I was Gemini in the early 80's. lived in Kiveton they was another girl in worksop with the same handle but we never clashed, as she was on in the day and me at night and really out of distance to each other. I used to talk to all the truckers passing through Woodall. I used to be on it all night so would have spoken to most of them as they passed through just a few names that come to mind - Banjo Echo - trucker Rollercoaster - trucker Geordie boy - trucker huggie bear - trucker dynamite squadron -trucker battery charger - bought a cb off him Duracell-Dinnington - my friend duckpond - Kiveton midge bite - Kiveton (duck ponds wife) yorkie girl orchid lady donkey man will add to list anymore when I remember them (getting old now brain cells are not what they used to be
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