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  1. This is all you need . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeRcOqieEio
  2. Do scrap yards pay cash these days for copper.Been told they nolonger do this.
  3. Sorry to bump this thread.Going to buy a KINDLE so that i can upload my finished novel, but i'm a bit confused as to which kindle would be the best . Any recomendation's would be appreciated ,thank's Mikomi
  4. Ok so . I was putting the world to right's as you do when out with friends and part of the conversation led to people from other countries ( Europe etc ) coming over here to the UK to get treatment on the NHS and not paying for the treatment they have recieved .Now surely if this is the case then no wonder the NHS is screwed as these people who have put nothing into our system are bleeding us dry.
  5. Ok so at long last I have decided to go over to Canada and see my brother who I haven’t for many years .Great can’t wait to see him , other than I have to get on a plane and considering I have never flown before let alone a long haul flight i need some:help:. What worries me more than anything is the escalating situation with ISIS and Co with their threats to destroy everything that moves . Now can some seasoned traveller please tell me how good our airport security are .I need some reassuring as this isn’t going to go away anytime soon and my fingernails have all but gone .Thanks M
  6. If you are ever unfortunate to find yourself in the same situation as my uncle. Where there is NO HOPE of a full recovery. Perhaps the idea of an assisted death may well appeal to you, rather than just living in a rotting shell.
  7. I half expected some backlash when I started this thread. I have a relative 80yrs old who had a stroke last October. After months in hospital he was placed in a care /nursing home .He is paralysed down one side double incontinent and has other conditions due to the stroke. He is total dependent on care for his needs this includes being hoisted in and out of bed, turned four times a night ,checked every night for incontinence issues ,hoisted up to be cleaned etc,etc. His mind is intact although he can forget short term .He no-longer has any quality of life and wants to die with some dignity his words. Out of respect for my uncle I talk to him with honesty and truth, I explain to him that the only way this would happen, was for him to refuse all medication and withdraw food and drink dowside is death would not be instant. Not a nice way to talk to someone but that's all I can do, to add insult to injury he is also PAYING for his care .Soon to be put right. NHS robbing B*****ds. The sooner this Government grow some balls and aid people like my Uncle the better it will be for all concerned .We all should be able to chose when the time is right .
  8. As the title says: All those in favour. I for one believe being assisted to end your life Should you have a terminal illness, or no quality of life due to illness should be available .I believe the first reading in the House of Lords has been passed so maybe were on the right track.
  9. Not short on imagination for a twelve year old granted . The only thing i would say, and it's not being picky but why write. ( i met 5 boys and 4 girls ) when ( I met five boys and four girls ) much better i think .
  10. This is a long story, so I will get straight to the point . Has anyone ever been successful in claiming self funded care home fees back from the NHS. Thanks in advance.
  11. They general walk into cars,bikes, trip over pavements and are oblivious to anything other than Face-Book .
  12. Just having a sort out in my loft the other day and came across a bundle Of old internet CD,s the ones that came through your door every day like Tiny,Freeserve,AOL etc. Just wondered if anyone collected them.
  13. Christmas is for Kids, and those of us who have'nt grown up yet .Enjoy time with your family it does'nt last that long .
  14. I thought it was very suspicious.If you watch the last round closely you can see Fury pull his left arm across Cunninghams face efectivly bilinding his sight, then Fury caught him with a punch .Fury is about as good has his singing, which is basicly crap .
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