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  1. Lawrenson has the Blades to win..... that's b******ed that then! Richard
  2. If what is alleged is true about the dates of the sale, the dates of the accounts, and the date of the buying company coming into existence. then the auditors may be in a bit of trouble also. Both sides can't be right in this dispute, and in my experience, telling the guys who make the rules that their rules are wrong, rarely ends well. Richard
  3. We, me early teens, Mum and Dad were in the same stand as the telly cameras, my recollection of the goals is similar to the view on the telly recordings. We were surrounded by ManU fans and to be honest I felt more intimidated there than at any other ground we ever attended. Richard
  4. I see Basham made Garth Crooks team of the week, after he picked Lundstram last week. Wonder if the usually ignorant pundits are finally seeing some sense? Richard
  5. Different era, different style, but that early 70s team was the best I have seen until now. I was at Old Trafford that day with my mum and dad. Best did sod all for 85 mins, then Hemsley had to go off, that opened that leftside channel and the rest is history. Hope, Badger, Hemsley, Flynn, Colquhoun, Hockey, Woody, Scullion, Dearden, Currie, Salmons (I think!) I do recall the Stretford End chanting "Hockey is a werewolf!" Richard
  6. The wet weather of the last 3 weeks or so has wrecked my outdoor tomato crop. If the toms get wet and then don't dry out they will almost certainly get blight. There are a few things you can do: 1: remove leaves near the ground or that contact the ground. 2: stake the plants up high 3: don't plant them too close together but having done all that, as I have done, if they get wet and stay wet, then it is almost inevitable... in my experience. Once it starts there is not much chance if it not spreading. Destroy the infected plants and fruits, do not put them on the compost as it will return. Try to avoid growing the same crops in the same place. If some plants show it, pick the toms green and make chutney, the fruits won't make it to "red" without being infected. Richard
  7. If those Chelsea defenders are worth that much money.. how much for Stevens? cos he made them look very ordinary! As he does week in week out at the moment. Richard
  8. One room now filled. The other still available. Richard
  9. ... predictions about Blades strikers are known for being accurate on here in recent seasons.....
  10. Had one in my greenhouse for 2 years now scoffing the flies. The last year it's been joined by a Napenthes pitcher plant which is now growing some large pitchers after noshing a goodly few flies and ants. Richard
  11. Two rooms now available for immeadiate occupation. Available for musicians or bands to have 24/7 access. We are located just into Attercliffe near the canal basin, large rooms, clean and dry. There is secure parking in the yard, which can be locked off by the big gates, a loo and a kitchen. Message me if interested and I can fill in more details. Richard
  12. We have a large room coming free at the start of July. We have a room free in our building. It's available for a band to have 24/7 access. It's located in Attercliffe, is a large room and is clean and dry. There is secure parking in the yard, which can be locked off by the big gates, a loo and a kitchen. Message me if interested and I can fill in more details. Richard
  13. Steve Ludlam, yes, talented player. Faulkner was a gangly tall blonde centre half who went on to play for York City. Yes, Rodney Marsh, another nasty piece of work, I will never forget how McAlister shook with pain in the moments after that clash, was on the edge of the box at the kop end. Horrible thing to see. Richard
  14. Currie appeared on Question of Sport twice I think, once as the mystery guest who was digging a trench (the new stand foundations it turned out).. and 2nd as a team member with Emlyn Hughes who as usual giggled his way through the show and constantly referred to Currie as "Teese".. which I assume was short for "T. C." Woody scoring 4 against Ipswich who were so bad that day even The Badge (as my Dad called him) scored. Gary Hamson scoring a beaut at the kpp end to beat Leeds in the cup (they signed him not long after). I also used to watch the reserves a lot, a team with such as Mick Heaton, Steve Faulkner, The Conroys, Alan Ogden, Mick Staniforth, and a young keeper who seemed always to save penalties, Tom McAlister. McAlister had the potential to be a great keeper and would have been I think but for that broken leg against Man City. Richard
  15. I started my swedes early in the greenhouse, I planted them out this week at a good size, 5" or so... 2 wet nights and despite slug pelletting the whole area. the slugs have scoffed the LOT! Well dischuffed. I have used copper wire circles in the past, it can work, I actually watched a slug one time try and get over it, it wouldn't slime over the copper. I found the best type was recycled mains cable looped into multi strand circles, and sometimes with a smaller one and larger one concentric around the plants. But they sometimes find a way past, or maybe some types of slug/snail aren't put off. Back to the greenhouse to plant more seed! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Richard
  16. The early 70s team was brilliant. I was there when Currie sat on the ball as we thumped Arsenal. Also in the John St stand directly in line with the Currie thunderbolt that went in the far corner of Ray Clemences goal against Liverpool, I knew it was going in the moment he struck it. Was at Leicester when I saw Woody score from a corner, that was the first time I saw him do it, he did it again at the Lane a few weeks later when he hit it hard and low and Dave Powell let it run between his legs at the near post. Saw Dave McKay get sent off at The Lane and was at Old Trafford when Best did nothing for 85 mins and then when Ted Hemsley had to go off, Best came to life and scored THAT goal and then set one up for Alan Gowling. To be honest probably the most intimidated I ever felt at a football match. Beating Cardiff 5-1 at home to almost secure promotion and then thumping Watford 3-0 to confirm. Larry Lloyd dropping his shorts to the kop when we played Wigan in a game where Colin Morris centred for a Keith Edwards tap in at the kop end. Chris Guthrie, the great hope... and he wasn't much of a footballer if I am honest. Tony Field beating almost every player on the pitch to score. Billy Sharp scoring a hat trick against QPR, left foot, right foot, header. Michael Tonge dismantling Liverpool in the cup. Oh and to continue a theme, was at Elland Road for that return fixture after we did them 3-1 at home, they kicked us to pieces, nastiest, dirtyest, horrible team I ever saw, and they had 10 internationals on the pitch! Giles, sneaky ******** he was. If you go back to that infamous charity shield match, it was Giles that did Keegan, and when Keegan looked round, Giles was nowhere to be seen and Bremner copped it! Richard
  17. Watched the game out of town sat with 2 Leeds fans (as it turned out.. found out when I jumped up at Hogans goal!).. they both expect Leeds to lose to Villa tomorrow and hold out no hopes for the playoffs.
  18. If Wilder does what he has done in the past... with signings such as Egan, Stevens, Baldock, McGoldrick, O'Connell, Bashem.. presumably he can do the same, but at a level up from where they are now... rather than do what other sides have done and bought in substandard players on silly money for silly fees, cos the cash is burning a hole in their collective pockets. I just can't see him suddenly signing guys for 10s of millions.
  19. I have 2 sorts going on, I bought some fresh moneymaker seeds and these are starting to show as seedlings now in the greenhouse. The largest ones so far are all just appearing in almost everything I sow out of the compost (my own heap)... so I assume they are from the bad/off or rotten toms (also moneymaker) I lobbed on there last autumn. I will see what they turn out to be. Will start to harden them off soon and the plant out. Richard
  20. I tried the beer, didn't work for me 2 summers back, lost ALL the brassicas, every single one. Pellets works, as does patrolling at night with a hoe....., but in all honesty I have given up on anything the slugs like. Richard
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