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  1. Vasquez Rich

    Slug solution

    I tried the beer, didn't work for me 2 summers back, lost ALL the brassicas, every single one. Pellets works, as does patrolling at night with a hoe....., but in all honesty I have given up on anything the slugs like. Richard
  2. Vasquez Rich

    Hull v Blades

    With that goal difference, a good win at home next time and that could be enough.
  3. Vasquez Rich

    Cacti & succulents

    Here's a fun thing to try. Go to the supermarket and buy a "dragon fruit"... they have little black pips... put them in compost and leave on a window sill, and when they grow, you get a small cactus that grows like massive dreadlocks. Richard
  4. Got parsnips, carrots and onion seeds out in the garden. Toms, peppers, squash, leek, beetroot and cucumber seeds on the greenhouse. Toms were mad last year, still eating them.
  5. Vasquez Rich

    Rehearsal/Practice room available

    Hi Joe, Sorry, it's been taken now. Richard
  6. Vasquez Rich

    Israel Grayson - descendants ?

    I will check with my sister, she carried on my research and has a much more extensive tree than I had. I don't know how much she looked at the Graysons though. Richard
  7. We have a room free in our building. It's available for a band to have 24/7 access. It's located in Attercliffe, is a large room, has a PA and is clean and dry. There is secure parking in the yard, which can be locked off by the big gates, a loo and a kitchen. Message me if interested and I can fill in more details. Richard
  8. Vasquez Rich

    Blades v leeds

    Just seen this match is listed on the BBC red button "live" listing, but it says "action from todays championship" but from 14.30pm. Is this delayed pictures? Or what?
  9. Vasquez Rich

    Blades v leeds

    My Dad took me to Elland Road in the early 70s, the Leeds team had 10 or 11 internationals... and they kicked us to bits, singularly the dirtiest, mardyest, nastiest set of players I ever saw. Leeds won 1-0. Hated them ever since.
  10. Vasquez Rich

    Sheffield University gigs

    I have seen smaller bands play in "Bar-one" downstairs, and also larger touring bands in what used to be the "Lower Refectory", this was the lower part of the union building that was perpendicular to Western Bank towards the Childrens Hosp end of the original buildings.
  11. Vasquez Rich

    Sheffield utd v sheffield wed

    Did the S6 players get home tonight? Or is their bus still parked?
  12. Vasquez Rich

    Tomato growing this year

    I still have loads in the garden, some ripening, some green... scoffed loads, made chutney, made tom pasta sauce, given loads to family, still got loads... been a mad tomato summer.
  13. Vasquez Rich

    Supertram future- consultation

    I know for certain that whoever planned the supertram routes did not understand the traffic flow in my area. We were told that the tram route along Ridgeway Road "would greatly alleviate the traffic and pollution on that stretch of the ringroad". The locals (that included myself) undertook a survey of the traffic on Ridgeway Road, at Manor Top by asking each of 3 cars at the lights, when the lights were on red, where they were coming from and going to. At Manor Top, the vast majority of traffic was headed across the junction and down Prince of Wales Road. The traffic heading into town was going up Mansfield Road and down City Road, likewise at Townend the traffic headed into town was going across and down Gleadless Road. The tram did absolutely nothing to alleviate traffic along Ridgeway Road. That tells me 2 things: 1 The Planners knew sod all 2 They ignored local information more likely: 3 both the above Somebody will tell me I am wrong no doubt.
  14. Vasquez Rich

    Supertram future- consultation

    Supertram was always a massive missed opportunity. What they should have done is work out where the traffic flow goes, where the people who are coming into and out of Sheffield are coming from and make the Tram serve those routes... and before anyone says that is what they did... I lived on the tram route, it went past my drive, I was involved with the "consultation" at the time... sod all notice they took. Maybe 1: a line all the way to Chesterfield/Dronfield by connecting Herdings Spur (waste of time that was) along all that open land along the border with Derbyshire. 2: massive park/ride at jn33 (lots of open land) and a line into the City from there.. not a park and ride located almost in the middle (pointless that is), serves Rotherham/Doncaster and traffic from the M1 instead of the mess of half baked routes and spurs we got
  15. Vasquez Rich

    Millwall v Blades.

    The only question to ask is "would that be a foul anywhere else on the pitch?".. if that's a yes.. and in the case of the Duffy foul it can be no other answer cos the guy just barged him off the ball, intentionally or otherwise.. then it's a penalty...

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