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  1. I remember owls fans saying similar about a certain other club... how did that turn out?
  2. Hence my comments above, when 6 or 7 bend the rules, only 3 can ever be winners in any given season.
  3. It's definitely not like any other business. I think any business that is allowed to LOSE £39,000,000 in any 3 year period, which equates to £13,000,000 every year on an ongoing basis, qualifies for "being able to spend what you want". In reality no "top business man" would be associated with such a poorly run business, would he. No other business would get the leeway football clubs get in paying stupid unjustified salaries, just raising the price of their products willy nilly (tickets, shirts), and spending relatively nothing on their infrastructure. The issue with people just "investing" in vast amounts (i.e. buy a trophy, promotion etc) is that only 3 get promoted, that is the issue with the Championship as it is, each year 6 or 7 clubs have "invested heavily", to the point of extinction almost, and only 3 of them can go up. Once in a while (Blades) a club that hasn't done that gets up so that year, 4 of the speculators miss out. That debt takes years to clear, if they ever do, and that is why frequently the sides who get relegated back to the Championship after 1 season, and to be fair that is most of them, follow on with a poor season, having dumped a load of overpriced, overpaid, dead wood (usually at a further massive loss), sometimes even the parachute payments don't save them (Hull, Sunderland, Wigan for three who went into L1). An unregulated arms race is no good for anyone in the long run. If you have a sound business, and know how to run one, then invest what you can make, don't treat it like a stupid bet. SWFC invested a lot of money, have/had a load of players on silly money, and even another 2 or 3 daft money signings would not have made promotion a cert, and then where would they be.
  4. This really didn't need any technology, it was plain to everyone in that penalty area that it was a goal, except for the ref and the assistant. The Refs group are blaming the tech but the tech isn't the arbiter of law on a football field, the REF is! The refs have abdicated responsibility to VAR and the Hawkeye, and the VAR, being a ref himself, was unwilling to go "err, you REALLY need to have a look at that mate!" Result = a none decision, and what's more, none of the Villa players or staff were honest enough to say anything... totally despicable considering what happened with them last season against Leeds.
  5. The retro shirt option seems a good idea.... but NOT The Blades one with one big red stripe down the front, just not stripey. The owls blue body and white sleeves from the 60s, that was awful. Richard
  6. Hi, the rooms are currently full (we only have the 3). They are quite large, there is plenty of room for a full band, PA, room to chill, etc. I will get back to you if one comes free. Richard
  7. Only they haven't had much luck have they.... if they had been lucky at all, they would be at least 4 points better off, pathetic VAR at Spurs, and no VAR at Villa.. for example.
  8. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the players had surrounded the ref and verbally battered him into submission like we have seen the ManU or Chelsea players do (for example).
  9. So the "Video Assistant Referee" can't assist the Referee in the case of a goal being scored, obvious to anyone watching the screen (as the VAR men do) and the ref not seeing it? Pathetic, if that is the case.
  10. If VAR isn't for this kind of total **** up.... then what IS it for? Anyone would think there might be a conspiracy.... oh hang on.... Wilder was 100% spot on with his comments, wait and wait and wait, study, review, wait, study,.... at Spurs for over 4 mins to find a toe offside, yet the goalie clearly stood in in his in-goal area with the ball wedged BEHIND the post and not a peep. Pathetic, cheating... Didn't Villa get a "walk-in" goal last season? hmmmm. Richard
  11. Sorry, we only have 3 rooms and they are all occupied currently. Richard
  12. Although in "any other business" you can't lose upwards of £10,000,000 a year for 3 or 4 years and stay in business.
  13. 14 Aug 1971 Sheffield United v Southampton W3-1League Division One 17 Aug 1971 Sheffield United v Leeds United W3-0League Division One 21 Aug 1971 Everton v Sheffield United W0-1League Division One 24 Aug 1971 Arsenal v Sheffield United W0-1League Division One 28 Aug 1971 Sheffield United v West Brom Alb D0-0League Division One 31 Aug 1971 Sheffield United v Hudd Town W3-1League Division One 04 Sep 1971 Nottingham For v Sheffield United W2-3League Division One 07 Sep 1971 Sheffield United v Fulham W3-0League Cup 11 Sep 1971 Sheffield United v Tottenham Hot D2-2League Division One 18 Sep 1971 Leicester City v Sheffield United W0-1League Division One 25 Sep 1971 Sheffield United v Chelsea W1-0League Division One 02 Oct 1971 Manchester Utd v Sheffield United L2-0League Division One That was that run of games, yes Leeds 3-0... Richard
  14. McAlister, yes, until Rodney Marsh broke his leg for him!! Never forget that. I used to go home and tell my Dad that he was better than Hope. The rest I think had the odd game, Heaton for Badger a few times, Cammack a few but never really made it, same for Staniforth. The one that I have just remembered that did make it into the first team for a few years was Mick Speight. I almost always sat with my parents on the John St side through that period, later on the South Stand, then the kop when I got older. Richard I was at OT also, with my parents. I have a scrap book from that promotion season, I will have to look up the Leeds game, we did for Southampton 3-0 or 3-1 the week before or after. I remember we kept scoring goals from corners through Colquhoun and Flynn. The 505150 was 3 consecutive weeks I think, and we lost them all. Richard
  15. I used to go to town on Saturdays with a mate and we'd often go to watch the reserves as you got in for nowt with a season ticket... I remember a lot of those guys, few of whom ever made the first team.. Tom McAlister Steve Goulding Alan Ogden Mick Heaton Ian McKenzie ? (Ian?) Steve Faulkner Ian Holmes Steve Ludlam Steve Cammack David Staniforth Richard
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