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  1. Once again, all I heard on the radio before the game from the Radio Sheff guy and summariser, and once again the manager, was how every team raises their game when they play SWFC... "it's their cup final" , even if this is true, I think,if this is endemic in the club and the people they talk to.. which it appears to be, then the players will just think they are indeed better than any of their opposition... not a good mentality in League 1.
  2. Increasingly the PL will end in tears for more clubs, spending 100s of millions on players, irrespective of FFP rules, for more and more clubs means that some of them will not be in the top 4, nor the top 6... without that (probably top 4) the spending is unsustainable over any decent period of time.... when the owners spend that amount and don't get the desired return (not all of the clubs can)... it will start to go t*ts up.
  3. Serious question I have listened to a couple of commentaries and interviews, in all of them the idea that all the clubs in L1 see SWFC as "their cup final", therefore the owls have to be "on it" all the time at every game. Heard this from the Radio Sheff guys, the summariser (Pearson?) and even from the manager. How much do you think this affects the players? Do they think they are better than the other clubs and just have to turn up for the points?
  4. Wonder if he can avoid a further relegation season.
  5. There's a fundamental problem with the concept of "spend what you want".... as I have pointed out on a few occasions... take the Championship... Let's say in any given year some chairman think... "I'll spend 100 million on players, I know that if we get promoted I can get that back"... so 7 of them invest 100 million, more than they earn, but worth it if they go up... but Only 3 go up, and usually at least 1 of them is one of the relegated sides... leaving 5 or so clubs in a lot of debt, but nevermind they can invest another 100 million and go up next year... only (yep) only 3 of them can, and there's another 3 come down.... See where this is going, eventually some of these chairmen will want some, or all, of their money back..... clubs sell grounds, sell players, go bust.... The rules are there to hopefully prevent that... despite several clubs trying to find loopholes in the rules....
  6. Hodgy was a great keeper... but I doubt he'd make it to a Prem Club (he played with Utd in the old Div1) as he was quite small for a keeper by todays standards... he was 5'8"? Something like that.
  7. Was born and raised round there, only ever went into that pub once,, before I even got to the bar.... a fight kicked off between a bunch of guys.... I turned round and went back out.. never to return.
  8. "Holding them back..." When you are a league 1 club and a Premier League club comes in for one of your young academy products for a few million quid.... said club would be foolish to stand in the way of that move.. Walker Naughton Lowton Calvert-Lewin MacGuire Brooks Ramsdale I'm sure there's a few more...
  9. Well one thing is for certain, you have to be IN the Premier League to create any records, of whatever type.... so not having ANY Premier League records probably shows a lack of participation.
  10. Golden Boot winner at the U17 World Cup.... so he clearly knows something about scoring goals.
  11. Throw the so called "big 6" out, even though one of them is currently 7th and another 9th... and nobody gets relegated. No more than those clubs deserve.
  12. Or it shows that most other clubs have spent a lot more....
  13. According to that site, only Burnley and West Brom have squads valued less... so maybe on that basis the owner can't say much...
  14. Not if 25+ million gets him the players he actually wanted...
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